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13 Ways to Ruin Your Life by Jarrod Jones

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Review of 13 Ways to Ruin Your Life

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13 Ways to Ruin Your Life : A Practical Guide for Guys
by Jarrod Jones

Reviewed by John Perrodin

"...provides a truthful take on the power of sex to destroy a perfectly good life."

Sexual sin is likened to a terrorist watching and waiting for the chance to toss a bomb into your lap. 13 Ways to Ruin Your Life describes a baker’s dozen of approaches that, if followed, will tear out your heart and shatter any healthy relationships in your life. However, if you push back against the Horrible Thirteen you’ll have a chance.

My advice? Buy this book – now – for any young guys in your life. And get an extra copy for all the other men you know. No matter what your age or marital status, this book offers a powerful prescription for battling porneia – the sexual filth that pulls us away from purity on a daily (some would say, moment-by-moment) basis.

13 Ways provides a truthful take on the power of sex to destroy a perfectly good life. Using Proverbs 7 as a baseline, this book provides both “thou shalt nots” as well as practical ways to climb out of the pit of pornography and other harmful addictions. The author makes a strong case as to how sexual immorality can ruin you.

Jones notes how aggressive sexual sin can be. One second you’re minding your own business, the next you’ve got your eyes full of uneraseable filth. It can happen via a TV commercial, movie preview, online site, or a magazine ad. Anywhere and any time. And the only response (a man’s only hope) is to flee temptation. Period. “There is always a way out. The problem is, you can ignore it. Or, see how far you can take it and then try to bail at the last minute.” Says the author, “I’ve tried that before. It doesn’t work.”

Although men can find freedom it’s not an easy journey out of the clutch of pornography. Jones says, “If you find yourself constantly thinking about sex and porn, daydreaming about another hit, planning times and places, avoiding relationship, sneaking around for moments of pleasure, and going to bizarre extremes to maintain your secrecy, there is no question that you are obsessed and addicted.” Funny thing, though, simply feeling “guilty” about your obsession doesn’t help. That’s because guilt causes self-pity which makes you feel sorry for yourself. And allowing yourself “one more look” – even for the thousandth time – offers momentarily relief. Until the guilt sets in again.

What every man needs is accountability. 13 Ways provides advice on how to find real, true friends. And explains how that will keep your feet on the right paths. You’ll do your son, your grandson, and yourself a favor by reading this book and learning how to guard your heart against the inevitable attacks from the Enemy.

John PerrodinJohn Perrodin is the Senior Editor for the Christian Writers Guild. He co-authored the Renegade Spirit Trilogy with Jerry B. Jenkins. The latest release in that series is Seclusion Point (Thomas Nelson). His book, Simple Little Words: What You Say Can Change a Life, written with Michelle Cox, releases in April 2008 from David C. Cook. Please visit www.simplelittlewords.com to find out more about the book, and visit John's website www.johnperrodin.com to find out more about his writing.