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A Kiss for Cade by Lori Copeland

Reviewed by Vickie McDonough

"...a sweet historical romance that will make you laugh, cry, and root for the hero and heroine to work out their differences and to find true love."

Fifteen years ago, Cade Kolby rode out of town, leaving Zoe Bradshaw with nothing but his promise to return. Cade turned bounty hunter, and spent his years tracking down criminals, but he never forgot the only woman he ever loved. She belonged to him, and he believed she’d wait for him forever. Zoe did wait. . .and waited. . .and waited—but Cade never returned. Not until his sister died fifteen years later and left her four children to him.

Zoe intends to raise her best friend’s children. Cade is determined to find a home for them where they’ll have a mother and father. Zoe fights her attraction to Cade, which seems nearly as strong now as it was when he left. But she’s had fifteen years to fuel her anger, and she’s not about to let him hurt her again. When Cade starts intruding in her life, she becomes snippy, irritable, and unforgiving.

Cade wants to find a home for his nieces and nephews before he gets attached to them. He’s a bounty hunter and has no business wiping runny noses and reading bedtime stories. And then there’s Zoe. He never quit caring for her, but she’s made it clear that she’s no longer interested in him. Still, he can’t help teasing and pestering her, just to set her off. Would a woman who had no feelings for him be so angry? Me thinks she doth protest too much.

A Kiss for Cade is a book previously published under a different title and imprint and reworked for the inspirational market. I loved this story. Right from the start, Zoe is mad at Cade. She’s angry that he never returned for her, angry that she still has feelings and angry that he doesn’t want her to have the children. She works constantly to keep her store afloat and does extra work so she can feed and cloth her best friend’s orphaned children.

When Cade returns, sparks fly, and the chemistry between him and Zoe is delicious. Cade is a typical male. He’s handsome and buff, but clueless in the ways of romance and raising children, which creates some humorous situations. The faith element is there but it’s light. A Kiss for Cade is a sweet historical romance that will make you laugh, cry, and root for the hero and heroine to work out their differences and to find true love.

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Vickie McDonough is an award-winning inspirational romance author. She has written four Heartsong novels and five novellas. Her stories have placed first in several prestigious contests, such as the ACFW Noble Theme, the Inspirational Readers Choice Contest, and the Texas Gold contest. She has also written books reviews for nearly five years and enjoys mentoring new writers. Vickie is a wife of thirty-one years, mother to four sons, and a new grandma. When she’s not writing, Vickie enjoys reading, gardening, watching movies, and traveling. Vickie loves hearing from her readers via e-mail.