Miracle in a Dry Season    Dangerous Passage





by Ted Dekker

Reviewed by Kevin Lucia

"...a taut, hard-hitting story that boasts the best mix of noir crime fiction and spiritual storytelling."

New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker returns to his spiritual warfare roots with his newest spine-tingler, “Adam”. In a taut, hard-hitting story that boasts the best mix of noir crime fiction and spiritual storytelling, Dekker explores not only the tortured mind of a serial killer, but also looks into the heart of man who doesn’t believe in God. With his usual suspenseful style, Dekker brings to life the horrible reality that only darkness reigns when a person chooses to believe in nothing.

FBI agent Daniel Clark is completely assured of man’s ability to use reason, logic, and intelligence to solve almost any crime. To him religion is a crutch based on half-truths and well-constructed myths, responsible for more violence than anything else. God is only a fable used to give hope; the Devil a scary bed-time story designed to keep people in line. In fact, his dogged pursuit of a serial killer calling himself “Eve” has done nothing but prove to him that religion can only be misused for dark, sinister purposes.

Then, in an encounter with Eve himself, Daniel Clark is killed.

After his resuscitation, Daniel is haunted by a dark form lurking just beyond his senses. Sure that his mind carries an imprint of Eve’s identity, locked within the final moments of his death, Daniel embarks on a series of dangerous experiments to get a glimpse of the elusive shadow lurking in his mind. What he finds is a horrible truth: despite his beliefs, the spiritual does exist, and when one empties himself of God, he doesn’t open his mind to rationality; he opens his heart to darkness.

This is perhaps Dekker’s best work to date; a well-written and researched novel that also has a clear, passionate message: if we do not serve God, we only serve evil. The device setting “Adam” apart is Dekker’s method of getting inside the serial killer’s mind. We rarely encounter the killer’s perspective in the present, but throughout the novel Dekker details the killer’s descent into insanity as a young man, while he struggles with an abusive past and his refusal to believe in God’s existence, presented in the form of a crime-magazine series of articles. These articles display a depth of research, showing a sophisticated narrative that continues to prove Dekker’s story-telling abilities.

Kevin LuciaKevin Lucia Kevin Lucia writes for The Press & Sun Bulletin and The Relief Journal. His short fiction has appeared in Coach’s Midnight Diner, The Relief Journal, All Hallows, Darkened Horizons Vol. 3 & 4, NexGen Pulp Magazine Issues 1 & 4, From the Shadows, Morpheus Tales Magazine, Bohemian-Alien, Shroud Publishing’s horror anthology, Abominations, and Tyndale House’s inspirational anthology Life Savors. He’s currently writing a novella for Shroud Publishing’s upcoming novella series, The Hiram Grange Chronicles. He resides in Castle Creek, New York, with his wife Abby, daughter Madison and son Zackary. He teaches high school English at Seton Catholic Central High School in Binghamton, New York; and is finishing his Masters of Arts in Creative Writing at Binghamton University. Visit him at his website and Myspace page.