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Advent Conspiracy by Rick McKinely

The Advocate

Advent Conspiracy
by Rick McKinley, Chris Seay & Greg Holder

Reviewed by Dale Lewis

"...powerful, profound and poignant."

When most people reflect on the Christmas season, they come face-to-face with a season of overwhelming stress, shopping lists and looming debt. When most people think of a “conspiracy,” images of corrupt politicians or the hidden mafia fill their minds. Sadly, the hyper-consumerism of our culture is, in effect, ruining Christmas. What the authors of Advent Conspiracy are proposing is a means of changing the world by worshiping well, spending less, giving more and loving all.

The thesis that Americans definitely have a perverted way to celebrate the birth of Jesus, (who gave up all of his riches to save the world), by spending billions of dollars on material items at Christmas is powerful, profound and poignant. It is written as a passionate plea rather than with a pointing finger of guilt.
As I read, I was gently convicted and the message resonated within an already softening heart.

Reading Advent Conspiracy nurtured the process begun by the Holy Spirit last year. My desire is to give generously and not just collect more stuff: to give items of great value and not be consumed with getting. Spending an excessive amount of money to prove my love is a thing of the past.

This is not a “To Do” list for you to check off just so all will be well. There are solid suggestions, inspirational stories and biblical insights. The sole purpose of Advent Conspiracy is to help each of us find new ways to really celebrate the story of promise, hope and revolutionary love found in Christ.

The study questions, divided into four sections, are complementary to the DVD that is available. Proceeds from purchasing a copy of Advent Conspiracy will support Living Water International.

What if we chose to substitute the consumption mentality of America with that of the compassion of Christ? What if this year Christmas for you and yours became a world-changing event? Welcome to Advent Conspiracy!

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