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Against All Odds by Irene Hannon

Reviewed by Dale Lewis

"This suspense-filled novel will whisk readers into a thrilling ride of extreme danger and blossoming romance."

Monica Callahan refuses to be intimidated by a related terrorist threat back in the States even as her estranged diplomat father finds himself in a dangerous Middle East hostage situation. Dignitary protection duty for FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) member Evan Cooper and his partner Mark Sanders is a piece of cake . . . most of the time. Unfortunately, protecting Ms. Callahan, whom Mark calls a “babe,” it isn't going to be easy.

As they attempt to keep her safe from escalating terroristic threats, “Coop” finds himself quickly dropping his defenses and falling in love. In the process, he finds himself re-examining issues hidden in his past. He still must remain focused as he’s trained and charged with protecting her life.

This suspense-filled novel will whisk readers into a thrilling ride of extreme danger and blossoming romance. The author’s intricate detail in describing the environments is superb.
The scenes are woven together well, often with two or three occupying each chapter, providing excellent balance to each subplot.

The love story that develops is both sweet and sappy, romantic and a tad cheesy for this male reviewer. Yet there is no doubt it was believable; my emotions were stirred and convinced me that love is worth the effort required to make it work.

Against All Odds is a story ripped from the headlines with incredible realism. Hannon’s character-driven action smoothly ebbs and flows throughout the storyline. Themes permeating the pages include deceit, reconciliation, the value of life as well as the importance of communication in all facets of life’s relationships.

In her description of death, Hannon overuses the phrase “. . . (As) the world faded to black . . .” She combined this apt description with other words at times but seemed to be redundant in using this description.

I must come clean and confess I read An Eye For An Eye first, which revolves around Coop’s partner, Mark. Against All Odds is the first in the series and can stand alone without reading the second and vice versa.

I walked away from this novel and well as An Eye For An Eye with a greater appreciation for the law enforcement community and our Armed Forces. With their mission of our safety and protection, they are, without a doubt, modern day heroes!

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