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Angel's Den by Jamie Carie

Reviewed by Vickie McDonough

"Jamie Carie seamlessly weaves in historical details of the Lewis and Clark expedition and the Louisiana Purchase into this engaging story"

Emma thought her perfect wedding would lead to the perfect marriage—but she was wrong, so wrong

Emma Daring had no clue how she managed it, but she’d snagged the most handsome, most sought after man in the St. Louis territory to marry. But she quickly learned that Eric Montclaire’s perfect features were a disguise to hide his black heart and possessive nature. The beatings began on her wedding night. Nothing Emma did pleased Eric. She tried to be the perfect wife, to make her husband happy. But she soon learned that was impossible. Her only weapon is to withdraw into herself. But not even that keeps Eric from taking what he wants.

When he announces plans to take a yearlong trek across the frontier to establish trade stations, Emma sees the light at the end of the tunnel. While he’s gone, she can disappear and start a new life. But when Eric says he can’t bear to be apart from her and forces her to go with him, Emma’s worst fears are realized. There will be no escape for her.

Luke Bowen hired on to be cartographer for Eric Montclaire’s trip to the Pacific. He’s thrilled to leave his family farm and have the chance to see the new lands the Louisiana Purchase brought to the United States. He is quickly captivated by Montclaire’s lovely wife and her sad expressions and he comes to her rescue on several occasions, fueling Eric’s anger and jealousy. Luke can’t stand knowing Eric beats his wife, and yet, he has no say in the matter. He pleads for God to protect Emma, but the answer to his prayers seems too slow in coming.

When a man arrives, investigating a theft, Luke hopes he’s God’s provision to rescue Emma. But things take a strange turn. Besides losing his heart, will Luke also lose his life trying to save Emma? Will darkness prevail? Or will God work a miracle to save a hurting woman?

Angel's Den is the story of a forbidden love, treachery, murder, and trusting in God when there seems no escape. Emma is trapped in an abusive marriage, growing more hopeless each day. Luke quickly becomes her champion, and yet he has no right defending a married woman from her husband. Eric is a truly vile antagonist with a blackguard’s heart and lives only for wealth and power. When these forces collide, a battle of wills and of good and evil ensues.

Angel's Den started a bit slow for me, but once Luke came on scene, things heated up quickly. I was sucked into the story and read it almost in one day. Readers will ache for Luke, a good man with his hands tied. They’ll weep for Emma, as they see her dreams dashed beneath her husband’s hand.

Angel's Den is set in a time period I’ve not read often and found it interesting and intriguing. Jamie Carie seamlessly weaves in historical details of the Lewis and Clark expedition and the Louisiana Purchase into this engaging story. Angel's Den is a tale of dashed dreams, forbidden love, God’s redemption, with a satisfying ending.

Vickie McDonough is an award-winning inspirational romance author. She has written four Heartsong novels and five novellas. Her stories have placed first in several prestigious contests, such as the ACFW Noble Theme, the Inspirational Readers Choice Contest, and the Texas Gold contest. She has also written books reviews for nearly five years and enjoys mentoring new writers. Vickie is a wife of thirty-one years, mother to four sons, and a new grandma. When she’s not writing, Vickie enjoys reading, gardening, watching movies, and traveling. Vickie loves hearing from her readers via e-mail.