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Back to Life by Kristin Billerbeck

Reviewed by Lori Fox

"Back To Life, continues to blaze paths in Christian fiction."

When you're a trophy wife and your husband dies, what comes next?

For Lindsay, it's a period of mourning. True, she didn't marry for love, but love grew and her marriage became more than just a name and a show. And then Ron died, leaving her loveless and alone. All the money in the world couldn't bring him back, and without a career to fall back on life just began to drift.

And then? The ex-wife shows up on her doorstep, gorgeous son in hand, and attitude firmly wrenched in place.

Ron Jr. meets Lindsay, his late father's wife, and falls hard. But, even though Lindsay isn't a blood relative, she's still related by marriage---so how can this be the mate sent from God?

Kristin Billerbeck's second novel in the Trophy Wives series, Back To Life, continues to blaze paths in Christian fiction. Just as Billerbeck was the first Christian chick-lit author, she's the first to take Christian chick-lit in these new and controversial directions.

In The Trophy Wives Club, she introduced a series of characters who were all dealing with being trophy wives who were traded in for newer models (or for other reasons). Lindsay and her husband reconnected in that novel, working their way through their faith in God together. And now, in Back To Life, Lindsay has lost that connection---and is finding it again with her late husband's son.

At the same time, she's building a relationship with her late husband's first wife, who sees Lindsay as a gold digger who's no good for her son. Not really the best foot to start off on.

Back To Life alternates point of view between Lindsay, and the first wife Jane. While Lindsay is a loving, and mostly easy going personality, Jane puts up a hard shell to cover her fear of commitment and rejection, as well as a secret she's kept for all of her adult life.

The alternating point of view is also something rarely seen in this genre, and I believe it's the first time that I've actually seen it done---particularly as the point of view shift doesn't take place between the couple-to-be. But Billerbeck does this, as she does everything, very well, and Back To Life is all the better for letting us see "the other woman".

While Billerbeck's earlier novels (e.g. the Ashley Stockingdale series and Split Ends) have a cast of sweet, charming, and rather clumsy heroines, the Trophy Wives Club novels deal with the heavier issues of divorce and how Christians as a whole treat divorcees. Because of the deeper issues, the characters in the TWC books come across as more real, more like people you might actually know, which makes them a great springboard for those who don't read chick-lit, or who don't read Christian chick-lit.

Despite the dark issue of divorce, these books do read lightly, and I could just as easily recommend them for beach reading as I could for a Bible study group.

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