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Bake Until Golden

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Bake Until Golden by Eva Marie Everson & Linda Evans Shepherd

Reviewed by Nora St. Laurent

"Bake until Golden is a book filled with fun, intrigue and heart-felt drama."

Back Cover: The ladies of the Potluck Catering Club may have thought that winning The Great Party Showdown reality show in New York City would be the biggest adventure of their lives. But they weren't counting on the strange goings-on they would confront when they returned to Summit View, Colorado. When a shocking event rocks their small town the ladies are stunned--especially when one of them is accused. And a 100-year-old legend about buried gold unearths some unsavory characters. Will old friends stick together through their trials? Or will they be torn apart by tragedy?

Review: I anxiously awaited the review copy of this third and final book in the Potluck Catering Club series. I had read and enjoyed the other two books in the series and couldn't wait to read this one.

Things start to get crazy once a body is found in Summit View, Colorado and one of the Potluck Catering ladies is a prime suspect in the murder investigation! No one can believe it. Instead of exciting things happening in New York on their TV audition they have a wild time in their own back yard. All the characters you've known and loved from the series are in this novel as well. The Potluck Club members' faith and friendship is tested like never before. I enjoyed the way these authors tackled tough topics in this book with honestly and compassion.

Both of these authors bring the reader up-to-date on the relationships, friendships and lives of all the ladies in the Potluck Club as the story unfolds. Will these ladies stick together no mater what? Will they stay the course and believe their fellow member was innocent--even though the evidence pointed toward her looks pretty bad? Could they and would they help to prove their friend didn't do this crime?

Bake until Golden is a book filled with fun, intrigue and heart-felt drama as the search for the murderer heats up. Besides all the surprising elements in the story and the faith lessons to be learned along the way, I enjoyed the recipes at the end of the book. I've enjoyed the recipes in the other books too!

There are thirty-six yummy recipes ranging from Easy Crock-Pot Pumpkin Soup, Doreen's Easy Chicken and Rice Casserole to fun desserts like Sunshine Cake and everything in-between.

Finding Hope Book Club cooked up ten of Linda and Eva's recipes from their other books for a special book club cooking event last year. We really enjoyed how easy the recipes were to make and how great they tasted. We spoke to Linda and Eva via speaker phone at book club and learned that most of the recipes were passed down through Linda's family line. This book is not only a fun read; but it has a variety of easy to make and delicious recipes. Bonus book – food and fuun, makes for great summer fun!

Nora St. LaurentNora St. Laurent is the CEO of The Book Club Network Incorporated and runs two book clubs near Atlanta, Ga., and is the former ACFW On-Line Book Club coordinator. Nora currently writes a Book Club column for the Christian Fiction OnLine Magazine and is a Book Club Talk "Columnist" for Novel Rocket. She writes reviews and interviews authors on her blog Finding Hope Through Fiction, Novel Reviews, Title Trakk, Suspense Zone and The Christian Pulse.