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The Battle for Vast Dominion

by George Bryan Polivka

Reviewed by April Gardner

"This trilogy is comparable to C.S. Lewis' work in that it takes the reader on high adventure into new lands where epic battles of good verses evil play out on the open seas."

In my house, Polivka’s books the bear the scars of the well-loved. They go everywhere with me—the gym, the doctor’s office, the tub. Few books in my library make it to “tub status”, so water marks are always a sign of prominence. The final book of the Trophy Chase Trilogy is the most crinkled and dog-eared of the three.

In book two, the Drammun attack on Vast land was stayed by what can only be the hand of God. Now, the new king, Packer Throme, takes a leap of faith and willingly places himself in the jaws of the enemy. Determined to prove God’s power in his life, he lays down his sword and prays for God’s intervention.

The evil Hezzan of Drammun yearns for the secret to controlling the firefish, those mysterious and terrifying sea creatures. She is right in her assessment that the country that controls the firefish, controls the world. Packer has been seen leading one of the beasts and the Hezzen will learn his tactics if she has to sacrifice every sailor in her fleet to do it.

Her scheming lands Packer and his vessel, the Trophy Chase, in a cauldron of horrifying circumstances. With the Drammun fleet attacking from behind, the savage Achawuks approaching from the fore and an army of hungry firefish below, Packer drops to his knees and prays. Only God can get them out of this mess.

This trilogy is comparable to C.S. Lewis’s work in that it takes the reader on high adventure into new lands where epic battles of good verses evil play out on the open seas. However, lack of allegory is the one huge variance that Polivka makes from Lewis’ style. In the Trophy Chase Trilogy, we clearly see God at work and His almighty power working in the lives of the characters makes you want to lift your hands in praise.

King Packer Throme determines to live his life in complete subjection to God. In a Harvest House interview, Polivka said regarding Packer’s humility, “Bow your head and confess, and ask God, and He’ll do what you can’t... He’ll save you. But somehow we forget that this is how we are to live our lives every day. Somehow we don’t think that falling to our knees and humbly confessing and crying out for his mercy is an everyday occurrence and the way we should behave all the time…It’s not like the message is hidden between the lines in Scripture...” What a challenge for us as Christians!

If that’s the only message you get from these books, it was worth the price on the cover.

I can now rest easy. My Christmas shopping is done five months early. Everyone’s getting this trilogy!

The Firefish broke the surface moving at its fastest speed an all-out sprint upward toward the light. It flew from the water. This was an enormous leap, not over the bows, but straight into the air a hundred yards from its great Deep Fin, and well over a hundred feet into pure, dazzling, invisible daylight. It shot almost straight up until its tail left the water and it was airborne, a flying fish, a porpoise. Eyes alight, its hide gleaming and glittering in the sun, it rotated in the air, its entire long, lithe body spiraling gracefully, once, then again, and then a third time. And when it smashed down into the water on its dorsals, it soaked the Trophy Chase with a wild wall of joyful seawater.

And the men aboard roared their approval.

Their ally had returned!

~quote taken from The Battle for Vast Dominion

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