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Beyond Corista by Robert Elmer

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Beyond Corista by Robert Elmer

Reviewed by Grace Bridges

"I recommend this series for anyone wanting sci-fi with distinct inspirational tones, and anyone looking for an epic space journey."

Beyond Corista is Book 3 in the Shadowside Trilogy, which chronicles the journeys of fifteen-year-old Oriannon, daughter of a Coristan elder. At this point I have not read the other two books in the series, but when we first meet Oriannon in this story, she and her friends are fleeing away from Corista, their planet, with government security chasing after. Also on board is Sola, who previously tried to become Corista's dictator and was intent on ridding the planet of one of its races of people.

As the journey progresses, Oriannon is visited three times in visions by her Mentor Jesmet, who was killed by the government. He gives her instructions to travel to outlying space stations to warn of the danger from a conquering enemy. Oriannon's friends become increasingly skeptical of the messages from Jesmet since no one else can see him. Still they fly on, encountering various types of opposition on the stations they visit. The mention of Jesmet invariably leads to conflict.

But along the way Oriannon also meets people who want to hear her message and learn of Jesmet. These individuals help her, each in their own way, and many are touched by the music that emanates from the Pilot Stone she carries. There are many spiritual overtones in what is essentially a space opera story, but it's done with a light touch. Over all arcs Oriannon's hope to return to Corista and establish a lasting peace, with help from Jesmet and the people she encounters on her journey.

I admit I was a bit lost at times, but I'm sure that's because this is the third book in a continuing story. It certainly makes interesting reading and is suitable for young teens. I recommend this series for anyone wanting sci-fi with distinct inspirational tones, and anyone looking for an epic space journey. Here you'll find danger, adventure and the saving of an entire society.

Grace BridgesGrace Bridges is a sci-fi author (Faith Awakened, 2007, and Legendary Space Pilgrims, 2010) and owner of Splashdown Books, an independent publisher of inspirational sci-fi and fantasy. She's a Kiwi of Irish descent living in beautiful New Zealand, and a chocaholic cat-lovin' Trekkie, Jesus freak, web designer, and all-round DIY gal who also takes care of the Lost Genre Guild blog. Tweets: @gracebridges - or visit www.gracebridges.com for more.