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Blood Covenant

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Blood Covenant by Lisa Harris

Reviewed by Dale Lewis

"Lisa Harris paints with words of vivid detail, as you, the reader, step into the diverse scenes of the book. It’s better than 3D..."

Dr. Paige Ryan is ready to return to the states after only three months of relief work in Africa; her purpose questioned and her passion quickly waning. Deep within the Republic of Dhambizao, fighting has erupted between government forces and renegade Ghost Soldiers. Thousands are forced to leave their villages and crowd an already overflowing refugee camp near Mt.Maja.

Paige is asked to delay her return and lead a team in helping the camp set-up and function well in an unpleasant setting. Nick Gilbert joins the team to help fly supplies in and out of the area (until the supply line is cut off by the rebel soldiers).
When a group of American mountain climbers are ambushed on the Senganie route, Paige's medical team takes the survivors into their camp. Among the survivors are Ashley, an Emmy-winning television actress who just witnessed her father’s death at the rebels’ hand, and two newlyweds, Brandon and Jodi.

When it's discovered that Jodi is carrying an infectious disease, the desperate need for vaccines becomes the highest priority impacted by both the race against time and the rebel forces. Changed lives are the end result.

Blood Covenant is a powerfully written thriller about a God-inspired mission that cannot be thwarted by devastating disease, rebel forces intent on revenge or governmental indifference.

With her second book in the Mission Hope Series, Lisa Harris paints with words of vivid detail, as you, the reader, step into the diverse scenes of the book. It’s better than 3D as you absorb the intricacies of the storyline. It is evident that her stories flow well because of her superb research and preparation.

Once again, the extreme action and suspense is excellently matched with the storyline’s depth. You’ll empathize with the memorable cast of characters as they deal with a wide range of emotional upheaval: apathy and empathy, violence and compassion. Amidst the hatred and evil, unconditional sacrifice and a servant heart permeates these pages.

Lisa Harris’ writing skills are impressive, but impressing reviewers is not why she writes her stories. Visit her website at www.lisaharriswrites.com and her blog at www.myblogintheheartofafrica.blogspot.com for more in-depth information.

I’m officially now a Lisa Harris fan. Her richly descriptive, character-driven stories are worth every penny you may spend for a copy.

Dale Lewis now mans the front desk at the EFCA (The Evangelical Free Church of America) National Office in Minneapolis, MN. He was the graphic designer/pre-press production artist for over twelve years before being asked to step into this new role. Prior to that, he was the publications manager at his alma mater, Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN in the public relations office as well as the adviser to the college’s yearbook. He's a director/actor/writer for the Hope Church (Oakdale, MN) adult drama worship team and was the senior editor of the church newsletter. He's also written two collections of poetry, “Whispers of Assurance” and “On Life: Constant Communion Without Ceasing” as well as a devotional entitled “Eternal Education.” He and his family live in Oakdale, Minnesota.