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Blood Lines by Mel Odom

Reviewed by Dale Lewis

"Odom has penned an action-packed, gritty story bathed in a biblical worldview that isn’t overpowering or preachy."

Commander Will Coburn's NCIS team based at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, has just begun an investigation into the carjacking and assault of a Marine and his wife. The evidence points to the only son of notorious criminal and suspected international drug smuggler Victor Gant.

When Shel McHenry, one of Coburn’s top agents, is wounded during the botched arrest of Bobby Lee Gant, the team rallies around Shel even as Victor threatens swift retribution . . . and he has the connections to do
so without shedding a tear.

At the same time, Shel's father, Tyrel McHenry, continues to struggle with his own demons in West Texas. A haunting war secret he hid has reared its ugly head, and the path he chooses will change both his and his sons’ lives forever.

Both Shel and Tyrel are self-made, fiercely independent and dogmatically determined men. Odom’s characters are both human and accessible. The reconciliation process between father and son is drawn out until the story’s conclusion.

As in Paid in Blood, the first title in the series, the story of Blood Lines proceeds logically, with time given for both surprising twists as well as solid character development. The supporting cast of Will, Estrella, Remy, and others is not there merely to fill up the pages. They provide a deep, extended family for Shel as he pursues justice and doing the right thing.

Odom has penned an action-packed, gritty story bathed in a biblical worldview that isn’t overpowering or preachy. How the personal and professional lives of the characters are woven together is simply a tribute to his skills as a wordsmith. The long-awaited confession is told through the eyes of two people which I found both fascinating and captivating.

Blood Lines is the final installment in this riveting series. Other titles are Paid in Blood and Blood Evidence. Odom’s stories are tailor-made for fans of television’s series “NCIS” or “Cold Case.” But even if you are not a fan of those TV shows, pick up a copy today!

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