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Book of Days

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Book of Days by James L. Rubart

Reviewed by Grace Bridges

"This tale is intended as a hope-bringer: God has all of our memories written in his book, and nothing will ever be lost."

A man grieving for his father, and more recently for his young wife. A TV presenter searching for her origins. A town that's determined not to tell them a thing. A local legend of a book that holds the past and the future...This is the setup for Book of Days, the second standalone book from Jim Rubart. It shares a supernatural tinge with his other title, Rooms, but this is an entirely different story.

Cameron fears he is losing his mind to Alzheimer's even at a young age, as his father did. At the same time he recalls his father's last lucid instruction: to find the Book of Days. Strangely, Cameron's wife Jessie had said exactly the same thing moments before her death. Only when Cameron's own memory starts to fail does he join the dots together and follow the trail to Three Peaks, accompanied by Jessie's sister Ann.

The mystery gets thicker and thicker as the two follow clues and hit brick walls in their search for the truth. In between, they go rock-climbing to relax, a powerful image of the transience of life. Some people in town would give anything to get control of the fabled Book; others want nothing to do with it, to the point of trying to shut down the burgeoning investigation.

Mostly this is a tale of human relations, of forgiving and letting go, of getting over past griefs and looking to the future. While the supernatural element is definitely there, it's more of a minor aspect in this book than in Jim's other work. In the back, he dedicates it to those who have a family member suffering from Alzheimer's. The climax is a beautiful scene of divine intervention in the midst of incredible natural surroundings. This tale is intended as a hope-bringer: God has all of our memories written in his book, and nothing will ever be lost.

Grace BridgesGrace Bridges is a sci-fi author (Faith Awakened, 2007, and Legendary Space Pilgrims, 2010) and owner of Splashdown Books, an independent publisher of inspirational sci-fi and fantasy. She's a Kiwi of Irish descent living in beautiful New Zealand, and a chocaholic cat-lovin' Trekkie, Jesus freak, web designer, and all-round DIY gal who also takes care of the Lost Genre Guild blog. Tweets: @gracebridges - or visit www.gracebridges.com for more.