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Brothers of the Outlaw Trail

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Brothers of the Outlaw Trail

by DiAnn Mills, Tamela Hancock Murray, Lynette Sowell, and Kathleen Miller Y'Barbo

Reviewed by Vickie McDonough

"...an engaging tale of God's forgiveness and redemption, starting anew, and heart-tugging romance."

Women surrender their hearts to men with questionable pasts in four novellas

REUBEN’S ATONEMENT by Lynette Sowell

Thirteen years ago, Reuben Wilson and his brothers left home on the run as outlaws. Now he’s back, a changed man who has paid for his past indiscretions. Charlotte Jeffers has longed for Reuben to return home for years, but can she trust the man who left her behind so long ago? When money goes missing, fingers point to Reuben. Is it truly possible for God to change an outlaw? Or is Reuben up to his old tricks again?


One of the first things Colt Wilson does when he gets out of prison is track down his old outlaw partner. His share of the robbery money would go along way in giving him a new start. But he finds that his partner is dead, and has left behind a pretty widow, two daughters, and a ranch. Anne Langley isn’t too sure about the drifter who asks her for a job, but at God’s prompting she hires Colt. Is Colt the answer to her prayers, or another of her husband’s acquaintances who think her spouse left behind a stash of cash?

OUTLAW SHERIFF by Kathleen Miller Y’Barbo

Caleb Wilson arrives in Dime Box, AZ, hoping for a fresh start. He’s become a Christian and put his outlaw ways behind him. But when the mayor tells Caleb to meet him at the jail, Caleb is certain he’s about to be locked up. Instead, he is mistaken for the new sheriff and sworn in. When Lydia Bertrand arrives, claiming to be Caleb’s mail-order-bride, he doesn’t know whether to head for the hills or get to know the unusual woman. Will Caleb come clean about his past deeds? Or will he live a lie and possibly marry a woman meant for another man?

A GAMBLE ON LOVE by Tamela Hancock Murray

Benjamin Wilson is content living the life of a gambler. With the subtle help of Pearl, a saloon girl, he manages to swindle gamblers and wins far more than he loses. But when Pearl’s mother becomes ill and Pearl makes plans to return home, Benjamin feels lost. He follows her, hoping to set up a sting in another town, but much to his chagrin, her God-fearing mother tries to make him see the error of his ways. Will Benjamin get his wish? Or will he learn that clean living is the better road to travel?

Being a lover of anything having to do with the Old West, I thoroughly enjoyed Brothers of the Outlaw Trail. It is the unique story of four brothers with an outlaw past, seeking to change their ways. I like that things weren’t whitewashed and that the three brothers who’d done the thieving paid for their indiscretions by serving jail time. The characters seem so real that you’ll find yourself rooting for them to succeed in changing their lives. The faith element of the stories seemed realistic and not forced.

It was interesting to see how the heroines in these romances accepted their man, twisted past and all. Brothers of the Outlaw Trail is an engaging tale of God’s forgiveness and redemption, starting anew, and heart-tugging romance.

Vickie McDonough is an award-winning inspirational romance author. She has written four Heartsong novels and five novellas. Her stories have placed first in several prestigious contests, such as the ACFW Noble Theme, the Inspirational Readers Choice Contest, and the Texas Gold contest. She has also written books reviews for nearly five years and enjoys mentoring new writers. Vickie is a wife of thirty-one years, mother to four sons, and a new grandma. When she’s not writing, Vickie enjoys reading, gardening, watching movies, and traveling. Vickie loves hearing from her readers via e-mail.