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The Candidate by Robin Shope & Susan Wales

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The Advocate

The Candidate

by Robin Shope & Susan Wales

Reviewed by Katie Hart

"...a satisfactory conclusion to a great series."

In this sequel to The Chase and The Replacement, Jill Lewis has retreated to her hometown of Delavan, Wisconsin to run the local paper and sort out her love life. After her FBI agent fiancé’s reported death, Jill fell in love with Senator Tommy Harrison, and then found out John was still alive.

During a scuba diving lesson in Lake Delavan, Jill discovers the bones of what might be the legendary lake monster right before her equipment malfunctions. The same day, she hears of a drowning and begins investigating, focusing on Joe Walker’s wife and best friend, Congressman Fleming, both beneficiaries of the victim’s life insurance. An autopsy reveals Walker didn’t drown, but was strangled underwater, and Jill finds out Fleming has been using re-election campaign funds for personal items.

The controversy causes Fleming to withdraw from the election, and to Jill’s surprise, all of her family and friends are urging John to run. A trip to Washington brings Tommy across her path again as well. Will she ever know which guy is right for her? And just who killed Walker? When the threats turn her way, finding the answers becomes more than just a desire for vengeance. It becomes necessary for life.

This suspense novel has plenty of twists and turns to keep readers interested, but I found myself less impressed than I had been with the first two novels in this series. The omnipresent viewpoint and awkward action beats distracted me throughout. However, the authors provide a colorful cast of eccentric minor characters, adding life to the story. Description is well-done too, especially during the diving scene, and the ending provides a satisfactory conclusion to a great series.

Katie Hart loves the written word. She's published several articles, poems, and nearly 200 reviews in magazines and websites such as Christian Communicator, Church Libraries, Infuze Magazine, Christian Library Journal, and ChristianBookPreviews.com. She's written two novels and is working on her third, a fantasy. Also a Christian music fan, she helps out regularly with concerts at her church and strives to promote the artists and bands she enjoys. Visit her online at her blog.