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Dad in Training by Gail Gaymer Martin

Reviewed by Vickie McDonough

"...a charming book that will certainly touch your heart."

Molly Manning dreams of starting a shelter for stray dogs, so the animals can be rehabilitated and find homes with loving families. A teacher for middle school children with special needs, Molly has a program called Teacher’s Pet that uses dogs to help her students learn responsibility and to experience unconditional love. If she had her own shelter, she’d be able to expand her program. She’s had her eye on a building that’s been for sale for some time, but when she approaches the owner, Brent Runyan, she receives a less than enthusiastic response.

Brent admires Molly’s go-getter attitude, and he’s attracted to her more than any woman in a long while. But he’s not in the place for a relationship, and he has his hands full caring for his orphaned nephew. When Molly suggests that a dog could help the boy, Brent balks. His only experience with a pet ended badly and still bothers him. The biggest issue is that Brent doesn’t know how to love, so how is he supposed to help a troubled child?

When plans for the shelter seemed stalled, Molly takes drastic steps that upset Brent. Will their fledgling relationship continue to grow? Or will Molly’s determination to succeed destroy everything?

Gail Gaymer Martin has penned another fascinating book. Dad in Training is the story of a successful businessman who comes from a dysfunctional family. Toss in a troubled, orphaned nephew, and Brent’s problems grow exponentially. Ms. Martin does an excellent job of showing us a man who never learned to love and how he responds when people start tugging at his heartstrings. Molly is so determined to get her shelter that she almost misses another blessing God is sending her way. Watching these two determined people mesh and butt heads was a delight. Readers are certain to empathize with troubled orphan, Randy, and with Brent’s struggles to help the boy when he feels so inadequate and to adapt from being a workaholic to a parent. Dad in Training is a charming book that will certainly touch your heart.

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Vickie McDonough is an award-winning inspirational romance author. She has written four Heartsong novels and five novellas. Her stories have placed first in several prestigious contests, such as the ACFW Noble Theme, the Inspirational Readers Choice Contest, and the Texas Gold contest. She has also written books reviews for nearly five years and enjoys mentoring new writers. Vickie is a wife of thirty-one years, mother to four sons, and a new grandma. When she’s not writing, Vickie enjoys reading, gardening, watching movies, and traveling. Vickie loves hearing from her readers via e-mail.