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Deliver Us From Evil by Robin Carroll

Reviewed by Dale Lewis

"Deliver Us from Evil is grace-filled storytelling and strong suspense at its best!"

Search and rescue helicopter pilot, Brannon Callahan works for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Beautiful, tough and strengthened daily by her faith, Brannon faces unexpected danger not yet experienced in her decorated history of service.

U.S. Marshal Roark Holland finds himself on a small plane safeguarding a donor heart he’s to deliver. The recipient is a government witness--an unknown accountant who can break open the largest child trafficking ring from Thailand to Tennessee. Caught in a blizzard, the plane goes down. Roark and Brannon’s paths cross and danger follows.

Although it could have made Deliver Us from Evil more challenging, Caroll superbly pens a blend of the different scenarios. Robin Caroll is an unbelievably skilled suspense writer. This novel is definitely a must read for fans of an action-packed storyline with a sweet taste of romance on the side. The variety of locations interwoven with the cast of diverse characters propels the storyline forward.

One of the things on my childhood dream list was to fly a helicopter. Deliver Us from Evil was the perfect opportunity to relive this dream through Brannon. Her healing from a disappointing past and the authentic, fun friendship with a co-worker, Lincoln, solidifies the redeeming aspect of the story as they live out their faith daily. The romantic tension between Brannon and Roark is well-written, descriptive without going overboard (most of the time).

Caroll’s research is thorough. It’s well dispersed throughout the novel, whether she’s writing about the gritty workings of the Park Ranger, US Marshal or the FBI law enforcement system. Caroll handled the delicate nature of the story well as it reveals the painful and evil truths of child trafficking. The reader will empathize with Mai and Kayla, the children overwhelmed with fear yet determined to escape these hideous conditions. Also, within the crisis, corruption rears its ugly head.

Although it often transitions quickly between the different locations, it is not difficult to keep up with all aspects of this “ripped from the nightly news” story. Deliver Us from Evil is grace-filled storytelling and strong suspense at its best!
The reader’s guide at the conclusion provides an opportunity for asking additional questions beneath the story’s surface. Carroll’s novel is certainly more than just a story built around entertainment.

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