Miracle in a Dry Season    Dangerous Passage





by Donita K. Paul

Reviewed by Lori Fox

"...a wonderful tale uniting all of our favorite characters...a great read, and a fitting end to a terrific series."

It has been some time since the evil wizards Risto, Burner Stox, and Crim Cropper were defeated and died. Amara has become a haven of peace, and the citizenry is eager to follow Paladin's command to study the truths of Wulder and live in his peace. So what better time for Bardon and Kale to break off their quiet studies and pursue the lost meech colony with their friends Regidor and Gilda?

However, it's not so easy to find a colony that doesn't want to be found, and a subtle wrong-ness has sprung up throughout the villages and towns of Amara. Which information should they pursue, and will the choice be taken away from them?

DragonLight, the fifth and final installment of Donita K Paul's DragonKeeper chronicles, is a wonderful tale uniting all of our favorite characters throughout the series that are still living. While the threat is just as big as the books that came before it, DragonLight's pace is steadier, allowing a better opportunity to soak up the friendships and laughter.

And there is laughter. It may just be a difference in me as I was reading this book, but I caught joke after joke that had me giggling throughout most of the story.

The danger in DragonLight is two-fold. One, which is not discovered until quite far into the book, is a more physical danger. The second danger is an underlying evil. The equivalent of many of our cults and false churches here in our own world. I actually wouldn't have objected to a stronger focus on that danger, as I felt Donita's rendering of the cults to be very interesting. Just one more point of view from someone inside the compound would have made all the difference to me, though probably not to the story.

Donita is a great story teller, and the story in DragonLight is easy enough to follow even if you haven't read the previous four books. However, I would strongly advise starting from the beginning, because there are a lot of world elements that are skipped or lightly glossed over in the assumption that you have read books one through four.

All in all, a great read, and a fitting end to an excellent series.

Lori Fox is a freelance writer who is working on her first novel as well as writing reviews for TitleTrakk.com. In addition to writing, she enjoys reading, making jewelry, and taking as many trips to Walt Disney World as possible with her wonderful husband Kyle. Visit her online at her website.