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Fair Game
by Elizabeth White

Reviewed by Carol Kurtz

"A pure romance for animal lovers and hunters alike."

Returning home to her Mississippi roots, Jana Cutrere has just finished vet school. She’s hoping her grandfather will give her his land to start a wildlife refuge center. She’s had a rough past and a seriously lacking pair of parents. She knows it isn’t going to be easy fulfilling her dream with two small kids. But she believes God has called her to rescue animals.

We’re on familiar ground when she runs into Grant, a handsome old flame who also wants the land, only he wants it to start a hunting lodge. The chemistry between them is still in tact after all these years. But they couldn’t possibly be farther apart philosophically in their attitudes and beliefs about animals, the foundation for each of their aspirations. Jana is repulsed by Grant’s head mounts and decoys, while he finds her squirrel and bird rehabilitations ridiculous.

Jana’s children are led by their hearts to this kind hearted man, while Jana and Grant are each held back by their adult baggage. Jana learns Grandpa isn’t planning to give her the land. He’s already promised to sell it to Grant. So she begins her veterinary career working with Heath, who would like nothing better than to land Jana himself.

The story opens with a bang, as Jana drives to Mississippi, hitting a cow on the road. But things slow to a crawl in the middle as the two men compete for her. Nonetheless, this gives us a chance to see the day to day difficulties of a single mother trying to take care of her small children and the aging grandfather who raised her. We see her come to grips with her past, reconciling it with her future.

All the main characters are Christians, battling their weaknesses and struggling for higher ground. Heath is probably the least committed, as he only seems to be coming to church to sit with Jana. On a men’s camping trip, Grant has an opportunity to share the Lord with Heath, knowing that if Heath does get serious about God, he could easily win Jana. He already resents Heath’s place in Jana’s life. Should he help Heath grow spiritually, even though doing so could bring Heath and Jana together?

White finishes by taking care of everyone, even the minor characters. Jana learns to tolerate, even understand the other side of things, and she opens her heart for her children’s sake to her ex-mother-in-law, her community, and her grandfather. A pure romance for animal lovers and hunters alike.

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