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Field of Blood
by Eric Wilson

Reviewed by Cory Clubb

"Wilson’s technique and craft as a writer blossoms in this starter to the trilogy."

Author Eric Wilson, known for his modern mysteries that fuse eccentric characters with history, and his novelizations of popular films, turns the creative page to his latest biblical thriller series The Jerusalem Undead. Book one, Field of Blood, introduces readers to a groundbreaking genre that seems to be on the rise in Christian fiction.

Shammed betrayer Apostle Judas Iscariot spilled his blood across a field in Aramaic circa 30 A.D. The man’s blood and sin seeped into the ground creating a powerful evil only to be resurrected in current times, an undead enemy that seeks to rein destruction and death. Trapped in the middle is Gina Lazarescu, a woman laced with a troubled and murky past. She must make a choice to confront her uncertain future and collide with forces of darkness, or become a victim along the wayside.

Wilson’s technique and craft as a writer blossoms in this starter to the trilogy. The plot and pace are woven tightly around biblical history and Scripture proving Wilson’s deep research as well as his intellectual creativity. As always, Wilson is known for his unique and fervent characters and Blood introduces us to some juicy ones. Telling the story from multiple individual perspectives, it’s difficult at times to keep up with each one, yet Wilson does a seamless job of describing every diminutive part with passion and prose.

Field of Blood is a supernatural folklore meets Christian biblical Scriptures shadowy thriller. Wilson gives us an innovative look at a very controversial topic that readers will be eager to eat up. Whether you’re a long time fan awaiting this title or just want a divisive topic that combines an utmost original plot with real to life characters, then this is one to sink your teeth into.

It’s one of those books that tears into your thoughts well after the lights are out and things start to go bump in the night . . . then you flip on the lamp not only to read another chapter, but to calm your nerves.

Cory ClubbCory Clubb is author of the novel Saved by Grace and currently working on his first thriller. He holds a degree in Graphic Design and is always seeking to advance his talent as a writer. He is an avid reader, movie buff, and music enthusiast, tools he uses to infuse his imagination. He lives in central Illinois with his wife and three sons. You can find out more about his projects at his blog.