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Fight by Kenny Luck

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Fight by Kenny Luck

Reviewed by Cory Clubb

"...a powerful combo of hard hitting resources rooted in biblical references, personal stories, and historic encounters."

President and co-founder of Every Man Ministries and men’s pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, Kenny Luck, gives men a tactical guidebook for battling evil. From the ever popular God’s Man Series comes Fight, an inside look at spiritual warfare that takes the fight straight to the source.

Though there are many books on the shelves today that instruct us for spiritual warfare, Fight is a powerful combo of hard hitting resources rooted in biblical references, personal stories, and historic encounters. The chapters are easy to access and comprehend and the themes are simple to read and to take advantage of.

Luck explains the training tools for everyday run-ins with evil. Most spiritual warfare books show Satan in somewhat of a fictional light, but Luck gives us the living details to the enemy’s evil plans. He doesn’t hold back in explaining the dangers that Satan weaves in our lives and relationships. The author reveals God given techniques that we can use to take down an evil that is very much alive. Luck tells to us to stand tall and stay strong, but we are not alone in this combat. God is our captain and leader if we just surrender our lives to Him. This book discloses that obedience to God allows us to live victorious and that the true work of fighting evil is the work only a true God’s man can do.

Even though this book may be found in the men’s section of your local bookstore, it is a source for any Christian looking to battle Satan and sin. Christian families are hit the hardest by the devil because he already knows we have the knowledge and power to take him out. This book is available and ready for anyone to pick up and use to instruct others. Also, be on the lookout for the companion Fight Workbook release to further these teachings. Satan and evil are real in the world today, which is the simple truth. If we can’t give our hearts to God and let Him lead our lives this on-going war will swallow us whole. Don’t give up, Fight!

Cory ClubbCory Clubb is author of the novel Saved by Grace and currently working on his first thriller. He holds a degree in Graphic Design and is always seeking to advance his talent as a writer. He is an avid reader, movie buff, and music enthusiast, tools he uses to infuse his imagination. He lives in central Illinois with his wife and three sons. You can find out more about his projects at his blog.