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Flight of Shadows by Sigmund Brouwer

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Flight of Shadows by Sigmund Brouwer

Reviewed by Karri Compton

"...expertly woven and very believable despite its supernatural and political speculation."

Flight of Shadows, the sequel to Broken Angel, continues Caitlyn Brown's story. In the first book, she barely escapes from Appalachia, and must leave her father Jordan behind. Caitlyn isn't like any other human—her deformity has marked her as a target and her father Jordan didn't tell her everything she wanted to know about her past.

Caitlyn's hope now is to meet up with two former friends who have already escaped and who are waiting for her to join them. But the land they live in isn't kind. It's all any of them can do to remain invisible to the authorities until they can travel west away from the big cities for a new life.

An illusionist named Razor says he will help Caitlyn not only find the doctor who will make her normal again, but also reunite her with her friends. But can she trust him? What are his real motives?

Along the way Caitlyn finds out that not only does she have wings, but her DNA is unique and valuable as well. The tenacious bounty hunter from Book One is still on her trail, and so are the authorities and other unsavory characters. Will she survive to find what she's looking for?

I'm not enough of a pessimist to say the United States could turn into the kind of oppressive, caste-based, poverty-stricken dystopia Brouwer depicts in this story, but the tale is expertly woven and very believable despite its supernatural and political speculation. I was totally drawn into both books, invested in every character (with one exception possibly being Pierce), all who are put in impossible situations. Values are tested, perseverance is demanded, and true colors are inevitably shown.

Some readers may wonder where the reference to Christianity is in this book. They can find it in Caitlyn's relentless pursuit of truth, in her determination to do what's right at all costs (along with Billy and Theo), and in seeing her purity, innocence, and strength spread to those around her. It's not a preachy story, but full of morality and faith.

Karri ComptonKarri Compton, wife and mother of three teens, two cats, and a beagle, devours Christian fiction whenever possible. Her favorite genre is suspense/thriller, especially Ted Dekker and Steven James novels. Since promoting biblical worldview fiction is dear to her heart, she reviews on her blog, Fiction Fanatics Only! and is a staff reviewer for such sites as The Christian Suspense Zone and Fiction Addict. Her stab at writing a novel confirmed what a tough job it is, and so the work is shelved for now, allowing the pros to do what they do best. When she isn't reading and reviewing, Karri stays busy at church and performing in various community theater companies.