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The God Hater by Bill Myers

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The God Hater by Bill Myers

Reviewed by Dale Lewis

"Ever wondered what it would be like to play God? This fascinating story allows readers to ponder this “Bruce Almighty” mindset."

Into our modern-day, virtual world of cyber friends and net communities comes a relevant, hard-hitting techno-thriller from prolific author Bill Myers. He is a consummate storyteller in the ever growing world of suspense and fiction. Myers weaves many levels to this story within a story!

The protagonist Nicholas is an endearing atheist, not clichéd as angry and anti-social. Although he loves to dismantle the faith of freshmen, this prickly philosophy professor’s life is dramatically changed by a request from his brother, Travis. A computer hacker by trade, he enlists Nicholas’ help with a computer-generated world which includes the secret to artificial intelligence. All the models from Darwinism, Existentialism, Relativism and Buddhism introduced into the program have failed.

After Nicholas speaks laws from outside their system through a Law Giver, the cyber citizens become legalists completely missing the spirit behind the Law. Going against everything he's ever believed and hates, a computer character like himself is created to personally live and explain the laws within their world. The God Hater is a refreshing, imaginative, thought-provoking take on the greatest story ever told.
His redemption journey is the result of a friendship with Annie, a devout Christian and co-worker at the university. The other characters are equally believable and multi-layered. Even the computer characters, like Alpha 11, Nyrah and the Breakers, are hauntingly familiar to the reader.

There are a few less-than-smooth segments that slow the pace of the book, but overall The God Hater is a superb look at the mind, spirituality and faith of the frail human race.
Ever wondered what it would be like to play God? This fascinating story allows readers to ponder this “Bruce Almighty” mindset. As you read, you’ll begin to understand God the Creator’s divine dilemma and His infinite love.
Within the pages of The God Hater, you’ll find a sweet balance of intense intrigue, surprise and emotion. I highly recommend this book. Bill Myers explains Old Testament law, Jesus and God’s oneness as well as Christ’s sacrifice with a contemporary perspective that hits the target dead-center!

Dale Lewis now mans the front desk at the EFCA (The Evangelical Free Church of America) National Office in Minneapolis, MN. He was the graphic designer/pre-press production artist for over twelve years before being asked to step into this new role. Prior to that, he was the publications manager at his alma mater, Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN in the public relations office as well as the adviser to the college’s yearbook. He's a director/actor/writer for the Hope Church (Oakdale, MN) adult drama worship team and was the senior editor of the church newsletter. He's also written two collections of poetry, “Whispers of Assurance” and “On Life: Constant Communion Without Ceasing” as well as a devotional entitled “Eternal Education.” He and his family live in Oakdale, Minnesota.