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Gone to Green by Judy Christie

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Review of Gone to Green

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Gone to Green by Judy Christie

Reviewed by Rel Mollet

"...a heart warming tale..."

City print journalist, Lois Green, enjoys her fast paced life as city editor for The Dayton Post, relishing the hustle and bustle of the newspaper and its employees.

When her mentor bequeaths her ownership of a small town newspaper in Green, North Louisiana with the requirement she stays for a year, Lois swallows her pride and determines to leave as soon as possible.

Upon arriving in Green, her preimagined ideas of a quaint town with a cohesive community are soon challenged as she confronts underhanded tactics and gossipmongering. And yet, as friendships form, Lois begins to reconsider her future.

Judy Christie has penned a delightful story of one woman's transformational journey through a change of scenery, lifestyle, relationships and heart. Gone to Green is gently paced to match small town life and character driven by both the charming and the disingenuous townsfolk of Green. Judy reminds us that first impressions and outward appearance can often be misleading, and it is through relationship and understanding that a person or town's true nature is revealed. With Judy's authentic insight into the world of print media, Gone to Green is a heart warming tale that I'm pleased to say continues with Goodness Gracious Green in 2010.

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