Miracle in a Dry Season    Dangerous Passage


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by Ted Dekker

Reviewed by Venessa Ng

"If you loved Dekker’s Circle Trilogy, Black, Red, and White, then you will adore Green."

When does the future shape the past?
When history begins in the future.

When is a Trilogy no longer a Trilogy?
When Ted Dekker decides to write Book Zero – the beginning and the end.

If you loved Dekker’s Circle Trilogy, Black, Red, and White, then you will adore Green.

In one reality, the story continues ten years after the Horde invaded the forests and defiled the lakes used by the Forest Dwellers to keep the scabbing disease at bay. The Forest Dwellers are forced out into the desert where they transform into Horde. But Elyon, in His great mercy, provides a way for the faithful to conquer the disease. Deep in the desert, the Forest Dwellers discover red pools. By drowning in these pools, the evil disease is banished from their skin forever.

As the Forest Dwellers scatter from the Horde armies, Thomas Hunter finds himself leading a much smaller group of Elyon’s faithful, referred to as albinos by the Horde due to their now smooth skin.

In the desert, a new group of Horde develop. They are known as half-breeds, former Forest Dwellers turned Horde, and bitter enemies to Qurong and his purebred Horde followers. Eram, a half-breed who fled Qurong’s persecution, leads an army of half a million known as Eramites.

While the Purebred Horde and the Eramites battle it out, Thomas Hunter and his followers form a Circle of trust and live as nomads deep in the desert, bound by their creed of peace toward the Horde.

But all is about to come undone.

The Horde continue to hunt the albinos, killing as many as they can find. Sick of his father’s insistence on keeping the peace, and Elyon’s silence over the years, Samuel Hunter vows revenge. As the Circle celebrates its yearly Gathering, Samuel issues a challenge, supported by a faction of followers.

Thomas’s wife Chelise watches in despair. Not only is Samuel about to commit treason, but he is vowing to kill her own father, Qurong.

Can Thomas prove Elyon still watches over them and save his son from a terrible mistake? Can Chelise convince her father, who now refuses to acknowledge her existence, to drown and find life?

In the other reality, thirty-six years have passed. Billy Rediger arrives at Raison Pharmaceutical with one goal in mind: get a sample of Thomas’s blood and enter his reality to retrieve the Books of History. Billy meets with Monique and Kara, Thomas’s sister, who deny any existence of Thomas’s blood. When Monique’s daughter Janae interrupts their meeting, Billy discovers an ally as hungry as himself for the power contained within the Books of History.

Can Monique and Kara keep Billy from the truth and the risk of opening a gateway between the two realities?

I could tell you the answers to these questions, but you’d find much more enjoyment in discovering them for yourselves as you read Green.

Through superb craftsmanship, Dekker takes readers on a journey of hope. No matter how dark the times, the trouble faced, or the strength of the enemy, there is always hope and unfailing faith.

Dekker has always portrayed the light through darkness in his books, but never has it been more apparent than in Green. As I read it, I couldn’t help reflecting on how much darker it is compared to the previous Circle Trilogy books. I’m not a huge fantasy reader. In fact, I generally avoid the genre. Although I liked the Circle Trilogy, it was never top of my favourite Dekker reads. Having now read Green, I’ve been viewing the Circle Trilogy in a whole new light, so to speak. Green brings the series to its conclusion, but also leaves the reader thirsty for more.

Even if you haven’t yet read the Circle Trilogy, pick up Green and immerse yourself in the two realities of Thomas Hunter, then continue the story with Black. It doesn’t matter if you read Green first or last, it fits at either end, or rather, it completes the circle.

Dive deep.

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Vennessa NgVennessa Ng lives in New Zealand with her husband and three children. As an avid reader with a passion for Christian worldview fiction, she works to help authors improve their craft through her freelance editing service, Aotearoa Editorial Services (www.aotearoaeditorial.com), and helps publicize books and authors via her review site, Illuminating Fiction (www.illuminatingfiction.com). She has also reviewed for Focus On Fiction, Infuze Magazine, Novel Reviews, 1340 Magazine, and now TitleTrakk. In her spare time she pursues her own passion for writing and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers.