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In the Footsteps of Paul

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In the Footsteps of Paul by Ken Duncan

Reviewed by Carol Kurtz Darlington

"Anyone who has studied Paul, been to the Holy Land, or just wished they could go to the Holy Land, will treasure this book as a gift."

The greatest champion in the “Hall of Faith” has got to be the apostle Paul. But for most of us Americans it's hard to picture what his life was like - that he was a real man who traveled the known world preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you're fortunate enough to have visited the Holy land you've probably seen some of the streets on which he walked. But In the Footsteps of Paul will take you chronologically on his personal journey, both geographically and spiritually.

Ken Duncan is a renowned Australian photographer, famous for his landscape photography as well as books: The Passion of Christ, Walking with God in America, and Where Jesus Walked. The vivid colors, panoramic views, and creative angles are startling.

In Part 1 Footsteps follows Paul's early years and conversion, showing present day Damascus as not too different in Paul's day. Duncan makes use of beautiful icons, paintings, and carvings to complement his landscapes and scenes.

Part 2, The Mission of a Man, depicts his travels into Cyprus, Turkey, Lystra, and Rome. Maps illustrate the journey, and Duncan brings it to life. “Sunset Over Jerusalem” is a truly breathtaking shot, where the city walls glow in vibrant purple.

Finally Part 3, the Destiny of a Man, brings Paul's journey to a close with the actual pillar on which he was beheaded. It's a sobering final photograph. Corresponding Scripture verses accompany the photographs throughout the book. They were more helpful than the commentary, powerfully juxtaposing the sacred meaning with the reality of each place.

It would be impossible to cover all this ground in one trip to the Middle East and Europe and to actually experience all the locations where Paul lived and traveled. But in one hour, thanks to Ken Duncan, we can experience Paul's life for what it was – transformative, difficult, passionate, and ordained of God.

Anyone who has studied Paul, been to the Holy Land, or just wished they could go to the Holy Land, will treasure this book as a gift. Perfect for any coffee table, though the photographs are worthy of a book twice its size.

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