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Informed Consent by Sandra Glahn

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Informed Consent
by Sandra Glahn

Reviewed by Phillip Tomasso III

"Not since the likes of Robin Cook have I found a medical thriller as gripping, or as frightening as Glahn’s Informed Consent."

It is rare that I would write a review that starts with the back of a book. However, one thing that I absolutely loved about Informed Consent was some of the bonus features at the end of the novel. There is a wonderful author interview conducted by one of the characters from the story. We get to learn more about Ms. Glahn, while still remaining in touch with the essence of the story. That was unique, and enjoyable.

Now, on to the actual review …

Jeremy Cramer is a more than a doctor. He is a married man. A father. Like most doctors, his life is not just busy, it’s overwhelmingly demanding. Finding balance between career and family is not simple. It is his past that compels him to concentrate on his future. After the untimely death of his father, Jeremy wants to dedicate his medical ability to researching drowning victims, certain there is something that allows some to survive lengthy submersion, while others cannot.

After an accident at the hospital—one that will have Jeremy questioning whether he was responsible for the rest of his life—his assistant is stuck with an infected needle and contracts the AIDS virus. This unfortunate incident causes a shift in Jeremy’s research. Endless days and nights consume his quest to find a cure for the immune deficient disease.

When it rains it pours. Carelessness prevails. A second incident occurs in Jeremy’s research labs, and someone else contracts the AIDS virus. In combining his research efforts—submerged victims, and looking for a cure for AIDS—Jeremy discovers a common link. Plunged into the media eye as a possible savior, Jeremy finds himself faced with moral questions. In order to complete his tests, he needs donor transplants. This is more than hypothetical ethics. Moving forward without the authority to do so can cost him his career. Waiting to follow proper channels, however, could ultimately cause the one he loves so much to die.

Growing up I read medical thrillers, which scared me to death. They always seemed so real, so plausible, so possible. And this is what makes a horror novel truly horrifying. Not since the likes of Robin Cook have I found a medical thriller as gripping, or as frightening as Glahn’s Informed Consent. The tension is thick. The chapters taut. The characters defined. And the story … engrossing. Jeremy Cramer is a true protagonist, faced with questions, trapped in a mess he ultimately created, and a man that readers will hope can emerge from the final chapters a better person for the journey he was forced to take.

Sandra Glahn. Her writing and storytelling is powerful. I can’t wait to see what else she pens.

Phillip Tomasso IIIThomas Phillips grew up with a reading disability. He did everything possible not to read. It wasn’t until he was in seventh grade that he finally read a book cover to cover. Now a voracious reader and prolific writer, Phillips uses his accomplishments as a motivational backdrop for speaking at school assemblies. Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Phillips has worked as a freelance journalist and currently works full time as an employment law paralegal. When he isn’t writing, Phillips plays guitar, is active at his church, coaches his children’s Little League teams, co-leads Ink Spots and Coffee Grounds—a creative writing group, and plots his next story. The Molech Prophecy is his first published Christian novel. Visit him online at his Shoutlife page & Myspace page.