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Invasion by J.S. Lewis

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Invasion by J.S. Lewis

Reviewed by Katie Hart

"...the intriguing premise, detailed storyworld, and irresistible gadgets make the novel sparkle."

After his parents’ tragic death, sixteen-year-old Colt McAllister moves to Arizona to live with his grandfather. With the help of his childhood friend Danielle and a new friend, Oz, Colt starts to adjust to life at Chandler High. But before things have a chance to settle down, a mysterious contact tells Colt that his parents were killed because his mother was about to expose Trident Industries.

Then Colt finds out that the comic books he read growing up are based on historical fact. A secret government agency called the Central Headquarters Against the Occult and Supernatural (or CHAOS) has been battling hostile aliens for decades, and they want Colt to join the fight. Gateway portals separate the worlds, and CHAOS agents keep a tight rein on the entry points. But the shape-shifting aliens who control Trident Industries aren’t about to let anyone get in the way of their plans.

Non-stop action keeps the plot barreling along for the major portion of this teen adventure novel. At times, though, the story gets bogged down with information. One of the main culprits is the unusual opening chapters. Colt visits the invitation-only CHAOS academy and learns about the aliens, their worlds, and the fight to keep peace. At the end of his visit, he is given a serum to make him forget all he’s learned. Then, throughout the rest of the novel, he finds out about CHAOS and the aliens again. Readers, however, know what happened at the academy and so are forced to read through two slightly different versions of the same information.

The plot-driven story also doesn’t allow readers to connect very deeply with the characters. Yet the intriguing premise, detailed storyworld, and irresistible gadgets make the novel sparkle. This book is just waiting to be turned into a summer popcorn flick. While it may not change your life, you’ll be sure to enjoy the ride.

Katie Hart loves the written word. She's published several articles, poems, and nearly 200 reviews in magazines and websites such as Christian Communicator, Church Libraries, Infuze Magazine, Christian Library Journal, and ChristianBookPreviews.com. She's written two novels and is working on her third, a fantasy. Also a Christian music fan, she helps out regularly with concerts at her church and strives to promote the artists and bands she enjoys. Visit her online at her blog.