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It's All About Him by Denise Jackson with Ellen Vaughn

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Review of It's All About Him (w/ Ellen Vaughn)

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It's All About Him
by Denise Jackson with Ellen Vaughn

Reviewed by John Perrodin

"...a 'happy ending' tale of growing up enough to let God stitch together a torn soul."

Picture yourself living on a 140-acre horse farm in Tennessee complete with a massive five-hundred-year-old oak tree spreading its cooling shade. Welcome to Sweetbriar, the estate of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Jackson.

Denise Jackson knows the opportunity that superstar status brings. How it feels to pose in designer gowns on red carpets, to have a staff cook, clean, shop, and run errands, to enjoy a nanny’s assistance.

But she also remembers when the man of her dreams told her he wanted to separate. She saw him pack and move. Heard him admit to breaking their wedding vows. Denise tells the sobering truth about fame and facades in her touching memoir, It’s All About Him.

Their romance started in high school. And when they married, Denise didn’t even have to change her maiden name. She, too, hailed from the Jackson clan, though via a completely separate branch. The couple started out “itty-bitty” but grew to include three beautiful daughters, Mattie, Ali, and Dani. They were heading to the top. Alan’s smooth voice made singing seem easy. But keeping a marriage strong would be a challenge with so much time spent on the road.

When she finally took stock it was almost too late. She was little more than a pretty face on a magazine cover. A woman whose outside sparkle hid a broken heart. Denise realized that she needed to get her own life on track – and discover who she should be in Christ – before she could hope to challenge the ingrained patterns that brought her heartache. That meant relearning what was important in life.

Country music fans will be delighted at the frequent references to Alan’s music. This special volume is also enhanced with an exclusive CD which includes the song “That’s the Way,” which Alan sang to Denise when they married – and when they re-dedicated their love years later.

Denise Jackson doesn’t dish dirt. She loves her husband far too much for that. Instead she tells the truth about the powerful problems caused by her co-dependent relationship with him. The bottom line? She put her man before her Maker. This enthralling story doesn’t deal out blame. It shows how staying centered on Christ is the only way to become the person God intended. It’s a “happy ending” tale of growing up enough to let God stitch together a torn soul.

John PerrodinJohn Perrodin is the Senior Editor for the Christian Writers Guild. He co-authored the Renegade Spirit Trilogy with Jerry B. Jenkins. The latest release in that series is Seclusion Point (Thomas Nelson). His book, Simple Little Words: What You Say Can Change a Life, written with Michelle Cox, releases in April 2008 from David C. Cook. Please visit www.simplelittlewords.com to find out more about the book, and visit John's website www.johnperrodin.com to find out more about his writing.