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Kiss Me Like You Mean It by David Clarke

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Kiss Me Like You Mean It by David Clarke

Reviewed by Melissa J. Carswell

"...a great read alone - - an even better read with your spouse."

When you’re kissing your spouse do you:

A. Allow your lips to connect with your spouse’s for the briefest of milli-seconds? (Also known as the “Pathetic Little Peck Kiss”)

B. Stand as far away as possible, lean in from the waist, push out your neck, poof your lips, and barely graze your spouse’s lips (aka, the “Poofy Lip Kiss”)

C. Pucker up and make a kissing sound without even making contact? (The “Sound Effect Kiss”)

D. Move your lips at the last second, so that your spouse lands on your cheek instead of your lips? (the “Dreaded Kiss on the Cheek Kiss”)

Anyone who falls into any of the above categories on a regular basis, needs to seek out the book Kiss Me Like You Mean It, by Dr. David Clarke, for a first class kissing lesson. Learning how to kiss (or at the very least, remembering how to kiss) has the potential to lead into a great sex life.

Based on history’s most passionate couple of all time, Solomon and Shulamith, Kiss Me Like You Mean It, can’t help but entice the reader to work on putting passion back into their marriage. Not only does Dr. Clarke provide an insiders view to the greatest romance of all time, he gives relevant insight into how it can put into practice in today’s world.

Dr Clarke will have the reader laughing (and perhaps even reading the book aloud to their spouse) with “The Sheet Hog and the Mad Snorter”. Later, he will have the reader clutching their chest and gasping in pain as he hits home in the chapter, “Even the Dog is More Important than Me”. It was the sentence, “. . . you simply have to complete all the daily jobs. . . before you can spend time with your spouse. .. . “ is what left me gasping and exhaling loud “Ow’s!” as I read.

Other chapters include, “We’re Not Having any Fun” which is the pre-cursor to “Make Your Marriage into a Romantic Comedy” and “Do you want to have Sex or Make Love” which is a lead-in for “Stop Making the Same Old Mistakes in the Bedroom” and “Solomon and Shulamith’s Spectacular Sex”.

Topics in this book seem pretty self explanatory, not to mention familiar and well-known to all good marriage books. However, Dr Clarke approaches them in a humorous and no-holds manner which puts a fresh spin on them and keeps this particular marriage book from feeling like another “samo-samo” book.

Kiss Me like you Mean It is a great read alone - - an even better read with your spouse.

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Melissa J. CarswellMelissa J. Carswell: Melissa is a Board Certified Christian Counselor. However, due to the appearance of a little bundle of Miracle in the past year, the counseling practice is now on indefinite hold. Instead, Melissa has entered the world of freelance writing from home. She is currently one of the content writers for TotallyHer.com (to be launched in September of 2008). Melissa has a passion for mentoring teen girls and young women and does so whenever possible. Her heart longing, along with her husband, is to use her education and credentials someday to have a home full of abandoned, abused, and terminally ill childen. They are still waiting for God's hand to unfold that particular chapter of their lives. When Melissa isn't changing diapers, doing laundry, cooking meals, mentoring the afore-mentioned young women, tending to her garden, being her husband's biggest fan, and soaking in every cuddly moment with her daughter, she reads and she writes. It is not unusual to see 2-3 books laying around the house at any given time and the hard drive to her computer houses several partially-written manuscripts to the secret dreamed-of-published books Melissa hopes for in the future. You can check out A Weak Rose here.