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Lethal Remedy

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Lethal Remedy by Richard L. Mabry

Reviewed by Lisa Lickel

"As an ensemble who-dun-it, I found Lethal Remedy to be a fast-paced thriller."

An addition to the Prescription for Trouble series, Dr. Mabry will force you to look into the microscope of contemporary drug companies challenging each other in the race for power, glory and riches.

The scare of the infection that can’t be cured gives academic medical facilities a reason to use hospital patients facing frightening illnesses in drug study tests that will find a cure for the particular ailment without causing worse harm.

The research sometimes has…fatal consequences to more than the patient’s health.

Dizzy with the amount of storylines all coming together, I occasionally lost track of where I was, and what had been happening. Told in an almost scene-by-scene cut and action method, the reader is compelled by ramping tension to follow Drs. Sara Stiles, Rip Pearson, Mark Wilcox, John Ramsey, and Lillian Goodman as they unravel the devastating treatment of a deadly fictional staph infection with an experimental drug that leaves patients with damaging side effects, or death.

This was my first Dr. Mabry book, and I suspect that Dr. John Ramsey was the main thread in the earlier books, although he wasn’t introduced until well into the story, and then felt like an accompanying character. Mabry also set up a love triangle between Drs. Stiles, Rip and Wilcox that was rife with red herrings, doubts, and heroics that did leave me guessing on occasion, even as I wondered if there was going to be any culmination to the drama. A loose end left me hanging and made me despise the main bad guy worse than Mabry wanted me to, and some too tidy tie-ups in Europe and at home wasn’t what I expected. As an ensemble who-dun-it, I found Lethal Remedy to be a fast-paced thriller. Those who love all the medical tech jargon and the excitement of the rich and famous lifestyle will be satisfied by Mabry’s natural and common use of scientific terminology.

Lisa J. LickelLisa Lickel lives in Wisconsin with her high school teacher husband in a 150-year-old Great Lakes ship captain's house. She is active in more than one historical society, belongs to writing and reading clubs and is the editor in chief of Creative Wisconsin, the magazine of Wisconsin Regional Writers. A graduate of the Christian Writer's Guild, she has written newspaper features and magazine articles, radio theater, and authored several inspirational novels. Find her online at http://lisalickel.com, http://wisconsinauthorreview.blogspot.com, http://reflectionsinhindsight.wordpress.com, and Facebook.