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Perfect by Harry Kraus

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The Advocate

by Harry Kraus

Reviewed by Paul A. Rose, Jr.

"...a relational drama, suspense novel and mini-medical text all rolled into one book!"

Harry Lee Kraus is probably best known for his faith-based medical thrillers in the vein of Robin Cook - drawing on his own medical background to provide a solid plotline. In Perfect, however, Kraus puts the surgeon in the background.

Wendi Stratford has the ideal life – perfect looks, perfect career, perfect home, perfect faith and the perfect husband – at least on the surface. The problem? It’s all one giant façade, right down to her bleached, bottle-blonde hair. Her marriage is falling apart from neglect and she’s set her sights on a new lover – her piano teacher, Jack Renner. She just hasn’t told him yet.

Methodical in her plans, despite not having yet put the main piece into play, Wendi finds her dreams crushed when a car accident leaves the supposed man of her dreams in a life-threatening coma, being treated by her husband, Henry.

As an accident investigator, Wendi manages to finagle her way into the investigation, despite the fact that there is little to be investigated. In the process, she begins uncovering a more painful truth than she can imagine - she’s not the only one living two lives.

As the pieces of the puzzle begin dropping into the place, Wendi and Henry both find their lives spiraling out of control and towards what will almost certainly be a deadly ending.

Few in the Christian marketplace can keep pace with Kraus’ highly researched and well-written medical dialogue and background. With Perfect, he proves that he is much more than a one trick pony, presenting a compelling story without the medical backdrop that has become something of his trademark over the past 15 years.

Along the way, Kraus continues to reinforce his characters’ struggle with faith, in Wendi’s case, bringing it from a mere social convenience to her only hope. In the process, Kraus manages to teach his readers a little about marriage vows, keeping in touch with family and putting faith to the test in your life rather than just making it a fall-back position when times are tough – a true, solid faith. And in that, Kraus makes the novel more than a suspenseful thriller that’s entertaining to read – although it is all that. No, what Kraus creates is just… Perfect.

Paul RosePaul A. Rose, Jr. is a writer-producer working in Southwest Florida. He served as the Senior Television Editor for Infuze Magazine (limited archives available at http://infuzeremembered.1330productions.com/) and has also written articles for RelevantMagazine.com. He is currently co-writing a teen zombie romance film, Undead Heartache, that he hopes to begin shooting soon. You can follow the film’s progress at UndeadHeartache.com.