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Pirate Hunter by Tom Morrisey

Reviewed by Dale Lewis

"Morrisey is a rock-solid novelist and proves it with Pirate Hunter!"

Pirate Hunter is an extremely readable and fascinating story. In your mind’s eye, think “Pirates of The Caribbean” meets “Titanic” . . . the popularity of a pirate tale paralleling a heartwarming story of contemporary treasure hunters.

In the 18th century, notorious pirate Captain Henry Thatch rescues an adolescent Ted Bascombe who finds himself caught up in the exciting world of privateering, adventure and a daily desire for revenge. While in the 21st century, a preacher's kid turned marine archaeologist, Greg Rhode, is hired to participate in a salvage operation in the Florida Keys. He is banking on this opportunity to make him rich!

What would seem a huge challenge to most novelists, the blending of two stories within two different eras, is the crux of Morrisey’s newest novel Pirate Hunter. His heroes are broken, living messy lives while dealing with greed, selfishness and unforgiveness. The multi- layers of the story form a depth that solidifies the authentic characters of Ted Bascombe and Greg Rhode. There is a healthy portion of tension and bitterness. The maturation process for both protagonists is delightful to experience as they deal with life while interacting with the supporting cast of varied personalities. Morrisey handles the storylines with superb storytelling and descriptive wordsmithing skills.

I was especially intrigued by the deep sea and pirate culture, language and the historical context interwoven through both story lines. The thorough research and how the story is crafted with varied creativity is one of the main reasons I continued reading this Morrisey novel. The spiritual truth is effortlessly and believably blended in this tale of high sea adventures.

Pirate Hunter is the ever familiar story of people seeking other pleasures and treasures while deep down longing for and needing eternal satisfaction of the soul. Morrisey is a rock-solid novelist and proves it with Pirate Hunter!

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