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The Priest's Graveyard

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The Priest's Graveyward by Ted Dekker

Reviewed by Deena Peterson

"Ted's new novel is a perfect, 360 page reason why vengeance is the Lord's and we need NOT be about the Father's business!"

Ted Dekker's novels are unusual for me. I love them...and don't like them, often at the same time. That holds true for his newest thriller...I loved it...and yet...

"The Priest's Graveyard" is similar to "Boneman's Daughter" and "The Bride Collector", just in case you were wondering. Father Danny Hansen is unlike any priest you'll ever meet--hopefully. He has his own agenda, which he feels is from God.

If you harm the innocent, watch out. Father Danny just may come after you. And woe to you if you choose not to repent! He has a 'kit' that may pursuade you, or punish you...permanently.

Renee Gilmore is a street dweller. Hooked on heroin, turning tricks for a fix, and abused by pretty much every man in her life, Renee has given up. Until a savior comes in, sweeps her out of danger, and makes his home her safe place to dwell. Life is good until he vanishes, the supposed victim of a horrific criminal mastermind.

Renee's path collides with Father Danny's as she works to exact revenge on the man who took her beloved away. Surrendering herself to the tutelage of the avenging priest, Renee is quick to learn the craft of punishing the unpunished.

An eager pupil, she strikes out on her own, but she's gone rogue and is messing things up more than she's meeting her goals. As Father Danny attempts to rein her in, truth is uncovered that rocks them both to the core of their souls.

Ted's new novel is a perfect, 360 page reason why vengeance is the Lord's and we need NOT be about the Father's business! While I enjoyed watching the story build and was shocked at the twist that he threw at me...

...the ending left me so unsatisfied it almost ruined the book for me. I can't say what I was wanting....just more closure, I suppose. Ted's always been good at leaving his readers wanting more. It just bugs me in this case.

The story is graphic in violence (and some would say gore, but I don't believe it's gory in the least). Occasionally Mr. Dekker uses a euphemism or two that may offend some, but the language never crosses into profanity. If you can handle 'CSI' or 'Criminal Minds', you can handle "The Priest's Graveyard".

So, I'm giving this new novel by Dekker four out of five bookmarks, with a black bag as a charm. Don't look inside...you may not like what you see!

Deena PetersonDeena Peterson is the mom of 8, with an active two-year-old grandson! She's also a pastor's wife, worship leader, Bible study leader, and homeschool mom. She stays so busy she meets herself coming and going! Visit her at her blog A Peek At My Bookshelf.