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Rescue Team

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Rescue Team by Candace Calvert

Reviewed by Julia Reffner

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"If you love medical fiction, romance, or suspense this book is filled with all three."

Kate Callison becomes director of Austin Grace Hospital's Emergency Department after the tragic death of the previous supervisor. Wes Tanner lives for the thrill of Search and Rescue as he tries to overcome the fear of abandonment that has haunted him since childhood.

An abandoned baby found in a restroom brings intense unrest and legal confusion to the hospital. The handsome but arrogant lawyer embroiled in the case has designs on Kate. Meanwhile, volunteer worker Wes tugs at her heart, but his past threatens to break down her own walls and the kept secrets she believes have protected her. Relationships haven’t been Kate’s strong suit; since her mother died she and her father have exchanged voicemail messages, but have not seen each other for a number of years. When the recovering alcoholic comes to Texas for a visit, Kate resorts to her hiding instincts. Will she let down her defenses and be able to sustain healthy relationships again? To do so, the doctor will need to come to grips with a past she would rather run from.

Full of heart-stopping medical drama and tender romance, fans of ER will find their pulse racing as they thumb through the pages to the gripping conclusion. Calvert’s characters are likeable and experience considerable growth throughout the novel. The spiritual thread is strong, but never forced. Repentance and the forgiveness given freely at the hand of God and shared with others are at the center of Rescue Team.

Filled with exciting rescue scenes, culminating in the unearthing of a long missing body, Calvert keeps the conflict going strong for page after page. Even the minor characters quickly became favorites of mine. If you love medical fiction, romance, or suspense this book is filled with all three.

Julia ReffnerJulia M. Reffner is blessed to be a servant to the King, married to the love of her life, a busy homeschool mom of two young children, and owned by one shedding longhaired cat. She is enjoying working on a women’s fiction novel in her spare time. She is a reviewer for Historical Novels Review quarterly, a magazine of the Historical Novel Society. Julia can be found blogging about God, literature and life at Dark Glass Ponderings and about writing at the group blog, The Writer's Alley.