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She's Got Issues

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She's Got Issues by Nicole Unice

Reviewed by Nora St. Laurent

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"This book makes you stop, think and ask yourself some thought provoking questions."

Love the cover, and I enjoyed and appreciated the author’s transparency and humor and how Nicole Unice talks about topics that have been rolling around in my mind for a while now but haven’t been expressed. I love when the Lord brings a book into my life I could really benefit from; She's Got Issues is one of them.

Under the heading, “Do You Have Issues?” the author discusses how people assume when we accept Jesus into our heart we live happily ever after. How can that be when we live in a fallen world and further more we’re human and all have issues? Some of us are willing to admit them and others are clueless. Nicole Unice goes on to say, “The ability to see yourself clearly is crucial in your relationship with Christ and in your subsequent ability to serve well. You can not live more abundantly and love better without addressing the underlying issues. You are not after perfection in the way you love but you do need to cultivate a growing dependency on a relationship with Christ that gives you the ability to love.”

The author then asks, “Am I changed because of Jesus?”

This glimpse into the book shows you her sense of humor and transparency. (It was refreshing to read). She says, “First I told myself I was qualified to decide if I was changed: I’m a counselor, for heaven’s sake. I’m a supposed expert on how to be a healthy person.

Then I told myself why I was qualified to be a Christian: I rock at bible trivia games. I’m so legit. I can even pronounce a few Hebrew words, and I know the four different Greek words for love. I’ve gone to seminary!

Then I told myself the truth: I can’t really handle ordinary life with a constant peace or lasting joy. I do ok loving when it’s easy. I don’t love much when it’s hard!”

I enjoyed the author’s honesty, transparency and courage to ask the tough questions we don’t think to ask ourselves. This book makes you stop, think and ask yourself some thought provoking questions. I liked the layout and how Nicole reveals things about herself and characters from the bible. She deals with five common issues in her book: control, insecurity, comparisons, fear and anger.

The author first defines the issue and how to deal with it. Then she has a few questions you can ask yourself to assess and identify how intently you struggle with the issue being addressed.

There is a word-up section where she helps the reader focus their thoughts on scripture. She says, “God’s word has the supernatural ability to satisfy your longings in a way that no other word can.”

She goes on to say, “We don’t think about the thing that’s driving the action that’s driving us crazy.” I like how she brings up this matter and helps the reader uncover why behaviors make them crazy.

This book can be read and done individually and/or as a group study with friends. Group discussion questions are included for your group if you want to use the book that way.

The author also has a Prayer section I enjoyed: Example prayer: “God I know there is a way that seems right to me. Would you open my heart to receive your instruction in this?”

At the end of each chapter there is the Prayer, a journaling Exercise – reflections time to help you on your journey and deal with issues you may not have been aware of and stories from the bible to reflect on as well. The author says this about what she hopes you take away from She’s God Issues, “there is great freedom in transparency. My desire is that this book will invite you into that place of honesty with yourself, others and with God.”

What an encouraging look at a topic many of us don’t want to talk about and/or either stop to think about. I enjoyed how she shares about the fact none of us will be perfect this side of heaven. We’ll have issues until Jesus returns. She’s Got Issues is a book you take your time reading. You'll be comforted to know you are not alone, others have issues too, and it's a time to reflect on characters from the bible that had issues as well. None of us wants to admit we have stuff to deal with. Nicole Unice gives hope in the healing process, and help to reflect on God’s word and the issues you might be facing. It’s good for a group study with people you know. I liked how this author tells the leader how to make the study safe for sharing and growing as the groups goes from chapter to chapter. Our world is changing all the time and our issues change as we learn and grow. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Nora St. LaurentNora St. Laurent is the CEO of The Book Club Network Incorporated and runs two book clubs near Atlanta, Ga., and is the former ACFW On-Line Book Club coordinator. Nora currently writes a Book Club column for the Christian Fiction OnLine Magazine and is a Book Club Talk "Columnist" for Novel Rocket. She writes reviews and interviews authors on her blog Finding Hope Through Fiction, Novel Reviews, Title Trakk, Suspense Zone and The Christian Pulse.