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Skid by Rene Gutteridge

Reviewed by Dale Lewis

"With a quirky touch of outrageous antics and endearing characters, Gutteridge excels at writing great faith stories."

Gutteridge’s third installment in the Occupational Hazards series, introduces the reader to Hank Hazard, a home schooled, naïve mime from the infamous Hazard Clowns family troupe. At 28, he still hasn’t found his place in the world. His latest job is an Atlantica airline company spy where he flies incognito to annoy the staff and evaluate their service. Sound like a dream job?

When an unexpected hijacker pushes an already bumpy flight on a course toward certain disaster, Hank’s bizarre behavior and calm demeanor (linked to his foundational faith) plays a key role in the passenger’s fate.

With a quirky touch of outrageous antics and endearing characters, Gutteridge excels at writing great faith stories. Her crazy cast on board flight 1945 to Amsterdam includes a diamond thief, a pot-bellied pig who likes to eat plastic, an almost retired, cranky flight attendant, an eccentric female captain and the recently jilted Lucy, whose personal mantra "What Would Oprah Do?” add to the unbridled hilarity with every turn of the page.

Believe me when I say that your funny bone will not get a moment of downtime as you read through Skid. Even when Hank evangelizes the passengers, Gutteridge works that dialogue without making it awkward or “preachy.” The message of making a different is not lost on the reader either.

Trying to keep the players somewhat organized in my mind, the beginning was a bit slower reading. The ending was a little too abrupt for me. As in her previous title, Snitch, I just wanted a little more to the story. However, you don't need to have read the other books in the series to enjoy every moment of Hank's journey as Atlantica‘s resilient uncover man.

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