Miracle in a Dry Season    Dangerous Passage





by Karen Kingsbury

Reviewed by John Perrodin

"Karen Kingsbury’s books connect because the reader cares about the Baxters and wants to know -- has to know -- what will happen in their lives."

Someday is the third volume of the Sunrise Series in the Baxter family drama. Even if you have not read the first two, you'll find yourself drawn into the compelling characterizations and true-to-life plotting.

Karen Kingsbury’s books connect because the reader cares about the Baxters and wants to know – has to know – what will happen in their lives.

The way Kingsbury weaves spiritual truths into her stories also accounts for their enormous popularity. She doesn’t shock us with graphic scenes or lewd content. Instead, she shows struggling individuals, at varying levels of commitment, who are each striving to turn their lives over to God. And Kingsbury is not shy about quoting scripture or the lines of a hymn to help make her point.

In this latest novel, John Baxter decides that he must move past the loss of his beloved wife, Elizabeth. He must also determine whether or not his new friend, Elaine, will be a part of his family’s future. His rock-like faith gives him stature as the patriarch. But will he decide to give up the family home to make Elaine happy?

Dayne and Katy Matthews thrill to the joys of being newlyweds. But their intense happiness is threatened when each goes to a different part of the world to work on pressing film projects. A devastating misunderstanding threatens to tear their love apart and challenges all they’ve learned about marital trust.

Another intriguing subplot involves the fate of the Christian Kids Theater. With its imminent demise, the children – who learned so much about getting along and using their talents – are having a difficult time finding positive outlets for their energies. The wrecking ball looms for the historical landmark.

Ashley and Landon Blake must deal with the death of their precious newborn Sarah. Ashley finds comforts in the words of Psalm 46. She forces herself to quiet her heart. To listen to His voice: “To be still and know that I am God.” Her belief is not shattered but she wonders how God can possibly use this heartbreak for His good. Through an amazing opportunity the Lord provides a clear answer.

Finally, Dayne’s younger brother Luke must come to terms with an indiscretion that could destroy his marriage. But will he be too late to patch things up with his wife, Reagan? Little more can be said without undermining the enormous emotional impact of revelations exposed and forgiveness freely given.

John PerrodinJohn Perrodin is the Senior Editor for the Christian Writers Guild. He co-authored the Renegade Spirit Trilogy with Jerry B. Jenkins. The latest release in that series is Seclusion Point (Thomas Nelson). His book, Simple Little Words: What You Say Can Change a Life, written with Michelle Cox, releases in April 2008 from David C. Cook. Please visit www.simplelittlewords.com to find out more about the book, and visit John's website www.johnperrodin.com to find out more about his writing.