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Song of Unmaking

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The Song of Unmaking by D. Barkley Briggs

Reviewed by Deena Peterson

"The Song of Unmaking" transcends age and gender. Anyone who loves a good story in an imaginary land will enjoy traveling with Ewan, Hadyn, Garrett and Gabe."

I'm loving my journey through Karac Tor with the Barlow boys! Just finished reading the third in a series of five fantasy novels by stellar author D. Barkley Briggs and all I can say is "I want MORE!"

Ewan, Hadyn, Garrett and Gabe are boys who love adventure, which is a good thing, because they are on the adventure of a lifetime! Through a mysterious stone archway located in a field on their property, the four brothers journeyed to the land of Karac Tor.

Separately, they embarked on prophesied paths, helping to free the land held captive by evil. Now they boys are back together, and each has uncovered a hidden gift (or talent). Using these gifts, they continue on their journey to assist the people of the land...and to find their way home.

Hadyn has learned the power of the name and can control earth, wood and iron among other elements. Garrett has harnessed the power of wind, Gabe can speak with birds...or can he do more? And Ewan...well, I'll leave you to discover his gift!

New characters join the fray in this third epic novel, and old favorites return. Although, I am missing my buddy Flogg. Hoping to find out his ultimate fate before the journey ends.

D. Barkely Briggs has skillfully woven the legend of King Arthur into a fantastical world of his own creation. At every turn a new piece of the Arthurian legend appears in a new and intriguing form, and each new task he sends the four brothers on draws the reader deeper into this unique world of swords and epic battles.

Fans of Tolkien and Lewis will find much to appreciate about "The Song of Unmaking" and the previous novels ("Corus the Champion" and "The Book of Names"). My only complaint is that the books always leave me wanting more...which I'm sure makes Mr. Briggs very happy!

"The Song of Unmaking" transcends age and gender. Anyone who loves a good story in an imaginary land will enjoy traveling with Ewan, Hadyn, Garrett and Gabe. Be warned: once you pass through the portal, you won't want to return home until the final page is turned.

I can't wait for the fourth novel to hit shelves! Fortunately for you, all three books in "The Legends of Karac Tor" are available now from AMG Publishing. I highly recommend you go back to the beginning with "The Book of Names" and savor each page until the end of "The Song of Unmaking"...and then you can join me in awaiting "The Oracles of Fire"...oh, the agony of waiting!

Deena PetersonDeena Peterson is the mom of 8, with an active two-year-old grandson! She's also a pastor's wife, worship leader, Bible study leader, and homeschool mom. She stays so busy she meets herself coming and going! Visit her at her blog A Peek At My Bookshelf.