Miracle in a Dry Season    Dangerous Passage





by Karen Kingsbury

Reviewed by Rel Mollet

"Karen Kingsbury ends the Baxter Family series strongly."

Karen Kingsbury's multiple novels about the Baxter family come full circle in the final story, aptly named Sunset.

The Christian Kids Theatre has been reborn thanks to the finances and tutelage of Dayne and Katie Matthews, restoring hope and joy amongst the children of Bloomington, Illinois. Dayne and Katie have left the bright lights of Hollywood and are celebrating their newly found freedom and the joy of new beginnings.

Luke and Regan's efforts at sorting out their differences are shattered as confessions lead to bitterness rather than forgiveness and fear once again strikes the heart of Ashley Baxter Blake as she keeps a secret from her husband Landon.

Bailey and Connor Flanigan are overjoyed they can participate in a CKT production, but Bailey's heart is confused as she is pursued by one young man at the same time she pines for another.

As the patriarch of the Baxter clan approaches his marriage to Elaine Denning, John contemplates his lifetime in the Baxter family home and wonders how he will ever leave it all behind.

Karen Kingsbury ends the Baxter Family series strongly with the resolution of many issues the family has faced, the joy of fresh beginnings and the pain of confrontation as relationships and faith are tested. Kara is brought full circle as she once again deals with the consequences arising from her story in Redemption, the first book in this now epic 14 book family series. Sunset is not as emotionally exhausting as some in the series which is a relief as I am sure many readers will find the conclusion of the Baxter stories traumatic enough! The Baxter family's struggles and successes have encouraged and challenged the millions of readers who have been captivated by their journeys. Karen's ability to tap in to her readers' hearts is unparalleled as is her commitment to expose them to God's loving grace through her talent with the written word. Readers will be thoroughly satisfied with the conclusion of this series and will look forward to the promised glimpses back into the Baxter lives in Karen's Above the Line series, commencing with Take One which releases in March, 2009.

Rel MolletRel Mollet is a lawyer, wife and mother of three young daughters and lives in Melbourne, Australia. Reading has been her passion since childhood. She is a Book Club Co-ordinator and has her own website ~ relzreviewz ~ dedicated to reviews and author interviews with the sole aim to support authors writing from a Christian worldview. She believes Sir Francis Bacon's (1561 - 1626) creed, "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body".