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Teen People of the Bible by Daniel Darling

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Review of Teen People of the Bible

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Teen People of the Bible by Daniel Darling

Reviewed by Carol Kurtz

"Truly inspiring and just what we need, Teen People of the Bible is a book no teen should be without."

Paris Hilton or Esther? Justin Timberlake or David? Teens are going to emulate someone. They’re bombarded at every turn by celebrities who might not be sending messages of self esteem, godliness, purity and strength. But the Bible is full of “celebrity” teens who stood up under pressure and made a difference in their world. Daniel Darling offers a cool alternative to today’s fare of role models in “Teen People of the Bible”. And it’s about time.

Teenagers recorded in the Bible are presented in an approachable format, like a daily devotional. Even their mistakes are laid out and the consequences explored. Regrettably, the book only spans 100 days, each devoted to a different youth and a question pertinent both then and now. Day 24 asks: Is it possible to resist sexual temptation? Joseph offers in the “Joseph Speaking Today” section: “Saying yes to sexual purity isn’t easy, but it’s always the best choice.” With the Scripture reference to him fleeing from Potiphar’s wife, the message has street cred that might not be there if it was merely a sermon. Then the “Just Like You” segment profiles a present day teen choosing purity when temptations are high. Each entry ends with a “Today’s Prayer” and a journal question with space to write your own thoughts on the topic.

“Does music have that much influence on my life?” “Am I a pawn for someone else’s evil desires?” Darling deals with thought provoking, timeless, and relevant subjects here. We see in a new way how Leah and Rachel must have felt when they fought over the same guy. Rebekah’s inner beauty is revealed when she helps a stranger, inner beauty being an under emphasized and much needed attribute nowadays. Samuel set himself apart for God’s calling and changed history, and suddenly the teenaged reader might wonder if he can too.

The book asks us to take the 100 day challenge, to stay in the Word for 100 days. It suggests that you reward yourself with a new CD or book if you make the goal. It couldn’t be easier to do with this book. Just by reading the two page chapter each day we’re meditating on the given verses and putting ourselves in the place of a teen who lived so long ago. And even though so much has changed, human nature hasn’t. We still struggle to overcome the very same obstacles.

I wish I could give “Teen People of the Bible” to every guy and girl in America. I didn’t even know there were so many teenage heroes in there! Truly inspiring and just what we need, it’s a book no teen should be without.

Carol Kurtz Darlington is a certified personal trainer and a certified group fitness instructor who works with people who want to lose weight as well as those who just want to enjoy better health. She enjoys empowering and encouraging others to reach their health and fitness goals, feel better about themselves in the process, and enjoy more energy to stay active in all areas of their lives. She is the founder of Totally Fit With Carol, a Christian weight loss website featuring workout videos, health tips, exercise advice, and more. She loves her morning cappuccino and her beloved grand-dog. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and haunting Starbucks.