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The Conversation: An Intimate Journal of the Emmaus Encounter by Judy Salisbury

Reviewed by Lisa J. Lickel

"Fiction—sure, but…compelling and poignant and real."

This little book packs a ton of great information in a compact, wholly readable and memorable script. In eight chapters, plus a Preface, Final Reflections and Endnotes, Judy Salisbury turns years of research into a lovingly drawn proof text of the case for Christ, of which I believe even the Apostle Paul would have been proud.

Salisbury has taken the nature of Luke 24:13-35, the conversation amongst an unnamed disciple and one named Cleopas and a mysterious stranger while they walked home to Emmaus from Jerusalem after the tidal events surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection of the Christ.

The author becomes the “I” character of the unnamed disciple, and leaves the friend, Cleopas, as the skeptic. Faithful to scripture, these two friends are analyzing their recent experience when a stranger joins them, and curiously, enjoins the conversation as both an innocent and an expert.

Using the type of scholarly, intellectual text proofs of Jewish thought, Salisbury carefully and lovingly imagines this discussion and the scripture that would be have drawn upon to show both Cleopas and the unnamed talmid (scholar) how this Jesus who died truly was the Messiah. Through the chapters which explain Jesus’s Kingship and authority, Rejection, how he suffered, and why he suffered, all the way to the necessity and reality of the resurrection, the author pulls together the Old Testament texts to support the Christ.

Salisbury admits that the research was emotional and tedious, but rewarding. Although the book is short, just about ninety pages and easily readable in less than an hour, Bible students and those who need a good gift book for acquaintances who question Christianity will appreciate having these scriptures in one conversation.

Fiction—sure, but…compelling and poignant and real. Definitely worth an hour of the reader’s time, but also worth days of introspection. Recommended both for those who enjoy Bible studies, but also for those who question the relevance of the Old Testament for today.

Lisa J. LickelLisa Lickel lives in Wisconsin with her high school teacher husband in a 150-year-old Great Lakes ship captain's house. She is active in more than one historical society, belongs to writing and reading clubs and is the editor in chief of Creative Wisconsin, the magazine of Wisconsin Regional Writers. A graduate of the Christian Writer's Guild, she has written newspaper features and magazine articles, radio theater, and authored several inspirational novels. Find her online at http://lisalickel.com, http://wisconsinauthorreview.blogspot.com, http://reflectionsinhindsight.wordpress.com, and Facebook.