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The Faith Dare

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The Faith Dare by Debbie Alsdorf

Reviewed by Melissa Lockcuff

"...a potentially life-changing book."

Many books come and go, but then there are those books that infinitely leave an imprint on your heart. The Faith Dare is one of those books, for me personally, that has left an imprint on my heart, and continues to do so as I use it for a daily devotional. Written by Debbie Alsdorf, it is 30 Days to Live Your Life to the Fullest. Designed to take the reader through 30 days of faith-building readings, Scriptures, and challenges, it’s aimed towards strengthening our faith and helping us to live the life we were meant to live.

The book is very eye-opening, and for me personally, helped me to feel that I was not alone in some of the thoughts that I’ve had, some of the things that I’ve done, etc. The first two chapters were especially significant, as they not only introduce the main part of the book, but they describe faith, give examples of faith, give examples of real-life struggles, and help the reader to realize that faith is an integral part of the successful Christian walk. The author definitely supports everything that she writes with Scripture; there are Scripture verses on almost every page in these first two chapters and then within each daily reading/dare.

After the initial portion of the book, it is divided up by day into different faith dares. There are three different sections, including Live Up! In Relationship to God, Live In! Surrender of Self, and Live Out! In Relationship to Others. She really covers the basics of faith in our personal lives, as well as faith in action. Each day that you complete has a Praise/Prayer, a Truth, a Dare, a Journal section where you can write your thoughts, a Prayer for the day, and a reaffirming belief. Some of the dares make you look inside your own heart, some focus more on God and His attributes, and others place your focus on other people (hence, faith in action).

Even though this book is meant to be gone through in 30 days, sometimes life can be so busy, and if you truly wanted to take more time with it and live it out, I feel that taking one chapter a week would be a wonderful way to do so. It would definitely not feel quite as rushed. This book would even be a wonderful resource for small groups, Bible studies, or women’s groups. If you had someone who could be a sort of accountability partner, it could be an even more positive experience. You could help each other along, encourage each other, and ultimately, share ideas and thoughts, thus gaining different perspectives on the material.
I definitely recommend The Faith Dare, as I feel it is a potentially life-changing book.

Melissa Lockcuff: Mel is a homeschooling mom who never tires of reading with her two adventurous little boys. After working as a nurse and a teacher, she realized where her personal priorities truly lay, and she made the decision to stay home with her boys. Mel has since found a true passion for writing. Right now, she writes articles and short pieces, and she is also learning how to write literature for children. She loves all things blogging, and her personal blog, Real Heart Prints, has topics like motherhood; homeschooling; recipes; devotionals; crafting; reviews on books, movies, and other products; giveaways; and all things home and garden; etc. She currently writes reviews with the TOS Crew, and she has also partnered with a friend and fellow writer to form MamaBuzz, where she enjoys writing reviews for children's products and ministering/writing to women through that venue. She has started work on her first book, which she hopes to finish within the next few months.