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Torrent Falls by Jan Watson

Reviewed by Sheryl Root

"Jan Watson has a true gift for weaving in details that make the mountains of Kentucky almost like another character in the story."

Tyndale published Jan Watson's debut novel, Troublesome Creek, after it won the first Christian Writer's Guild Operation First Novel contest in 2004. I fell in love immediately with Jan's writing and her spunky heroine, Copper Brown. Now, with each subsequent book in the series, I find myself drawn even deeper into Copper's life and enchanted by her home, the beautiful mountains of late 1800s Kentucky.

Troublesome Creek brought us into Copper's life on the cusp of womanhood, torn between feelings for her childhood sweetheart and the handsome new doctor, while the second book, Willow Springs, covered Copper's early years of marriage away from her beloved mountains in the bustle of Lexington's city life.

Now, Torrent Falls, third in the series, returns Copper and baby daughter, Lilly, to the family farm on Troublesome Creek. Copper has matured during her time away in the city, but still has the same independent spirit and strength of will. Unsure if she is ready to leave the grief of her husband's loss behind, Copper is torn by reawakened feelings for John Pelfrey, her childhood love. But just when Copper determines to take a chance on love again, a well-intentioned secret from John's past returns to haunt them, testing their faith and determination to do what is right.

Jan Watson has a true gift for weaving in details that make the mountains of Kentucky almost like another character in the story. It is easy to understand why Copper loves her home and the people who live there. Jan also creates amazing characters that dig their way deep into your heart. One of the themes present throughout Copper's journey, especially in Willow Springs and again in this book, is seeing beyond a person's surface appearance to what lies beneath. Through Copper's eyes I, too, am challenged when first appearances are deceiving; when a "crazy" woman's past is revealed giving better understanding of what made her the way she is, or when there is more to the actions of a seemingly abusive husband than meets the eye.

I can't recommend Jan's books highly enough. While each of the three books stands alone, I encourage reading them in order to get the fullest enjoyment. As a side note, I love the cover art on all three books—amazing!

Sheryl RootSheryl Root is Partner Database Manager at OneHope, a non-profit organization whose mission is to reach every child with God’s Word. She’s also a writer and a reader of everything she can get her hands on … books, blogs, magazines. In other words, she’s both a data geek and a book nerd. She loves to be able to support Christian authors and spread the word on great books and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, a wonderful community of published and yet to be published writers. You can follow her on Twitter at @Sheryl_Root.