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The Trophy Wives Club
by Kristin Billerbeck

Reviewed by Lori Fox

"Kristen Billerbeck writes books that engage the reader and make a friend out of the heroine."

Haley Cutler is in the process of becoming a divorcee. Her trophy wife status has been revoked in favor of a newer, sportier model. Her settlement is laughable, her husband (ex-to-be) is unreasonable, and his lawyer is judgmental. But after seven years in a 24/7 job who's sole responsibility is to make her husband look good, Haley's left wondering what happened to her life, and what to do next.

Enter the Trophy Wives Club, courtesy of the judgmental, do-gooder, divorce lawyer. Despite a few snafus in the beginning, Haley finds the strength and help she didn't know she needed. Along with a few unexpected friends. But about that settlement ...

Haley comes with a lot more baggage than Billerbeck's other heroines, which makes her character all the more intriguing. Not only does she have to deal with having been dumped for a much younger girl, but she's taking on the blame for not having been enough for her mogul husband. She'd been trained, groomed even, to fulfill his every desire before he even knew what his desire was. She'd given up any hope of a fulfilling career, even while building his. And now she's left alone, on limited funds, and no resume to attract a high power job. Or even a low power one.

Writing a character that has to deal with harsh reality out of the church, and the all too common judgment in church (Haley is constantly blamed for her marriage failing, despite the fact that she did all she could to prevent it), can not have been easy. But Billerbeck manages to take a subject that's riddled with minefields and turn it into a classically Kristen book. Meaning the emotional ordeal is real, but the over all feeling is fun and engaging, with witty banter, and a great supporting (and supportive) cast.

Haley doesn't have the same warmth that Sarah from Split Ends had, and she doesn't have the level of klutz or blind devotion to designer brands that Ashley Stockingdale has, but she's carved herself a wonderful little niche of her own. And, there was a clever little reference to Sarah and Yoshi's, which I thought was a brilliant touch.

Kristen Billerbeck writes books that engage the reader and make a friend out of the heroine. The Trophy Wives Club may be a bit more cynical than usual, but you'll find them every bit as endearing.

Lori Fox is a freelance writer who is working on her first novel as well as writing reviews for TitleTrakk.com. In addition to writing, she enjoys reading, making jewelry, and taking as many trips to Walt Disney World as possible with her wonderful husband Kyle. Visit her online at her website.