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The Truth of the Matter

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The Truth of the Matter by Andrew Klavan

Reviewed by Lisa Lickel

"Readers who like action-adventure thrillers that mix up Mission: Impossible scenarios with The Fugitive and even a little Back to the Future should enjoy this story."

Am I the good guy or the bad guy?

That’s a pretty heavy question for a high schooler to ask himself; even one who’s been through a horrific year of battling Homelander terrorists---starting with being convicted of murdering his best friend.

Charlie West knows the facts. He just can’t remember why he’s a wanted man.

From the publisher: Charlie is certain that if he could just regain his memory, the chaos around him would make sense. But the truth of the matter is even more incredible than he could imagine . . . and figuring out what to do with the painful revelation may be Charlie’s toughest challenge yet.

Charlie West, junior at Spring Hill High School, has much of the maturity of the adult he will become – if he lives that long. Yet he also craves the loving reassurance of his parents. He misses them, his room, and his friends despite his declaration that he’s a black belt in karate and not a child anymore. A fugitive living an adventure that few want, Charlie runs into and out of dangerous situations after his prison escape until he can remember the allies who can help clear his name.

Andrew Klavan, best-selling crime novelist and Edgar Award winner, comes out with another fantastic tale of danger, romance and adventure for the high school set. “Whose side am I on?” is a question we all should explore as we take our place in society. Charlie West can philosophize with the best of them as he struggles to separate the good guys from the bad. Klavan uses pieces of the best technological thrillers to make a credible story of a heroic young man who can assess situations like a well-trained soldier and attack using his black belt in karate; a young man who can manipulate space-age security drones like a pro. Surviving a painful memory restoration while being hunted by the Homelanders, Charlie is captured and escapes while trying to figure out which direction to run next. With the help of a young woman and her son, Charlie gains enough time for a last memory to surface: the name of the contact who will hopefully save him.

The truth of the matter is I enjoyed this novel very much and look forward to the next installment. Readers who like action-adventure thrillers that mix up Mission: Impossible scenarios with The Fugitive and even a little Back to the Future should enjoy this story.

Warning: graphic descriptions of death, violence, and torture may not be suitable for younger readers.

Lisa J. LickelLisa Lickel lives in Wisconsin with her high school teacher husband in a 150-year-old Great Lakes ship captain's house. She is active in more than one historical society, belongs to writing and reading clubs and is the editor in chief of Creative Wisconsin, the magazine of Wisconsin Regional Writers. A graduate of the Christian Writer's Guild, she has written newspaper features and magazine articles, radio theater, and authored several inspirational novels. Find her online at http://lisalickel.com, http://wisconsinauthorreview.blogspot.com, http://reflectionsinhindsight.wordpress.com, and Facebook.