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Unlimiting God by Richard Blackaby

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Unlimiting God by Richard Blackaby

Reviewed by John Perrodin

"...helps readers build a relationship with the Father in which contentment only comes from growing closer to Him."

In chapter one, Blackaby clarifies that he’s not advocating a “name it and claim it” theology in which we force faith to “give us what we want.” No, the point of Unlimiting God is to push past the hum-drum mediocrity many of us settle for and live life to the fullest. He dedicates the book to his father, Henry Blackaby, “the greatest man of God I have ever known.”

We learn, however, that his father – and grandfather, Gerald Richard Blackaby who started a church in Prince Rupert, a Canadian town close to the Alaska border – weren’t special people. They defined the word “ordinary.” But they let God use them to their fullest capacity. Henry has shaken hands with a president and preached in 112 countries. He is the author of the best-seller Experiencing God.

As a child, Richard, and his brother, Tom, used to play church. He did the preaching and spoke often and earnestly to his mother about “The Sin of Spanking Your Children.” Alas, he and his sibling found that it didn’t take his mother long to backslide – on their backsides. And so another meeting was in order. “These church services aren’t changing Mom,” complained Tom. “I think she needs a whole revival meeting!” The young minister-to-be learned a valuable lesson. It’s not enough to go through the motions week-after-week and expect change. Only God can move hearts.

Once, the author and his famous father were preparing to work on a book together. Richard wanted to set a firm example of writing discipline and said he’d be ready to work at six a.m. the next morning. Henry Blackaby responded, “The world is going to hell in a handbasket, and my son is sleeping in until six a.m.!” The elder Blackaby rises at four every morning. During that window of time, he regularly sees new revelations in Scripture. Though in his sixties, he remains eager to discover what God had to say to him. Convicted, Richard asked himself: How much do I really want to know God? That’s the crux of this powerful book.

Richard, chancellor of the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary, explains how to change our perspective on God. How to experience greater power and joy. Each chapter throws off another smothering layer with which we mask God’s power. Unlimiting God helps readers build a relationship with the Father in which contentment only comes from growing closer to Him.

John PerrodinJohn Perrodin is the Senior Editor for the Christian Writers Guild. He co-authored the Renegade Spirit Trilogy with Jerry B. Jenkins. The latest release in that series is Seclusion Point (Thomas Nelson). His book, Simple Little Words: What You Say Can Change a Life, written with Michelle Cox, releases in April 2008 from David C. Cook. Please visit www.simplelittlewords.com to find out more about the book, and visit John's website www.johnperrodin.com to find out more about his writing.