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Waterfall by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Reviewed by Rel Mollet

"With more sword fights than The Princess Bride, more swoon worthy heroes than Twilight and adventure and intrigue in abundance, Lisa Tawn Bergren has penned a fabulous story in Waterfall."

"The middle of nowhere. Where the nearest unattached boy appeared to be about seventy years old."

While most teens would die to spend a summer in Italy, Gabi and Lia Bettarini find it more than a little passe having spent many summers following their parents around Etruscan archeological dig sites. In violation of their mother's strict instructions, and in an effort to stave off boredom, Gabi convinces Lia to sneak into a newly discovered tomb to explore. Gabi gets more adventure than she bargained for when she finds herself transported to the sixteenth century and lands in the middle of a fierce battle between opposing Italian knights.

Rescued from an attacker's sword by handsome knight Sir Marcello Forelli, Gabi is whisked off to his father's castle, fearing she may not find her way back to the 21st century.

"He was certainly the first man I'd seen holding a real sword and in full-on knight gear-tunic, tights, breastplate, the whole enchilada. Somehow he made the look work."

Marcello is a young man destined to defend his father's castello and marry well to protect the Forelli's reputation and financial holdings. More than a little intrigued by the tall, attractive and oddly spoken Gabi, Marcello is torn between loyalty to his family and the strange, new visitor who may be friend or foe.

As enmity rages between the Houses of Forelli and Paratore, Gabi finds herself out of her depth in a world of danger, fear and unexpected heartache.

With more sword fights than The Princess Bride, more swoon worthy heroes than Twilight and adventure and intrigue in abundance, Lisa Tawn Bergren has penned a fabulous story in Waterfall. Emotive and fast paced, this novel, although written for teens, will undoubtedly find itself a wider audience just as the Harry Potter books did. What's not to like about time travel, chivalrous knights, a courageous heroine, an exotic location with humour and romance in abundance? With characters that will grab your heart and not let go and subtle spiritual undertones, Waterfall has wide appeal, for any reader who enjoys being swept away on a wave of adventure. Lisa doesn't shy away from the natural outcome of sword battles and the limitations of 16th century medicine yet it is not overly graphic. With Cascade and Torrent to follow later this year, Lisa will gather a legion of faithful readers craving the continuation of Gabi, Lia, Marcello and Luca's story. I have no hesitation in letting you know I am one of them. Brava, Lisa, brava!

Rel MolletRel Mollet is a lawyer, wife and mother of three young daughters and lives in Melbourne, Australia. Reading has been her passion since childhood. She is a Book Club Co-ordinator and has her own website ~ relzreviewz ~ dedicated to reviews and author interviews with the sole aim to support authors writing from a Christian worldview. She believes Sir Francis Bacon's (1561 - 1626) creed, "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body".