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Zero-G by Alton Gansky

Reviewed by Lori Fox

"Tuck's relationship with God is as much a part of the book as his relationships wit his family and with his crew members."

When Commander Benjamin "Tuck" Tucker finds himself to be the only surviving crew member of NASA's orbiting shuttle, the Atlantis, nothing seems clear. NASA rules that Tuck is blameless, that the mysterious illness that killed his crew was a mix up at the medical facility that produces NASA's motion sickness patches. But is that really all there is to it?

At the same time, the medical company who provided the patches are making inquiries of their own. They've hired a private investigator, one of the best in the business and one of the most discreet. His job---to track down the man who made the "mistake".

With recurring nightmares and a bad case of survivor's guilt gnawing at him, Tuck's family is grateful when NASA grounds him. No more flights. Tuck, however, is not grateful. Space means as much to him as his own family; he can't live without either one. So when a privately owned space touring company offers him the position of pilot, it's hard to turn them down. Unfortunately for Tuck and the rest of the crew on his new shuttle Legacy, he's not the only one who wouldn't give up.

Alton Gansky's new release, Zero-G follows the story of a man who's lost his faith in God. With his crew dead, and NASA refusing to let him fly again, he finds it hard to so much as pray.

His family never gives up on Tuck or God, and they're not willing to let him give up either. Even when their lives are in danger, and Tuck is forced to choose between the lives of some of the most powerful people in the world and his own family, their faith never waivers.

Zero-G is a suspense novel written from a Christian perspective. Tuck's relationship with God is as much a part of the book as his relationships with his family and with his crew members. While I did enjoy the story line, and I found the angle on space tourism interesting, I did not find Zero-G to be a gripping read. There were plenty of interesting twists, and I enjoyed the characters very much, but since it was supposed to be a suspense novel, I did feel a little let down by the slow pace of the book.

If you're looking for an interesting book with a good story, I could happily recommend Zero-G. But if you're looking for a gripping page-turner, you may want to look elsewhere.

Lori Fox is a freelance writer who is working on her first novel as well as writing reviews for TitleTrakk.com. In addition to writing, she enjoys reading, making jewelry, and taking as many trips to Walt Disney World as possible with her wonderful husband Kyle. Visit her online at her website.